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Ready-made chatbots for website, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Viber.
Lead Magnet
Offer a high-value item for an opt-in
3 reviews
Used 24 times
Answer visitors’ frequently asked questions
4 reviews
Used 42 times
Lead Qualification Chatbot
Provide a form with qualifying questions
3 reviews
Used 32 times
AI Responder Ask A Question
Prompt visitor to as a question
4 reviews
Used 42 times
Customer Support Bot
Provide answers to customer questions
3 reviews
Used 37 times
Live Chat
Prompt a live chat with an agent
3 reviews
Used 46 times
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Ready-made email templates for targeted marketing.
No tricks, just treats
Bring in more subscribers this Halloween season.
5 reviews
Used 81times
Party GIF
Invite customers to an exclusive event you’re holding.
5 reviews
Used 74times
Black Friday Promo
Tell subscribers of the deals that will be offered.
5 reviews
Used 98times
Summer Sale
Introduce a few products on sale for the season.
5 reviews
Used 82times
Fall in Love
Give consumers a list of benefits of what you offer.
5 reviews
Used 84times
Birthday Wishes
Offer individualized gifts for subscribers’ birthdays.
5 reviews
Used 77times
Warm Welcome
Give your new subscribers a warm welcome message.
5 reviews
Used 96times
Promote Several Products
Showcase multiple products on one page for subscribers.
4 reviews
Used 68times
New Product Launch
Tell subscribers of a new product you’re offering.
4 reviews
Used 61times
Thanks for Signing Up
Express your gratitude for someone joining your Contact List.
2 reviews
Used 43times
Agency Pricing
Give a detailed breakdown of pricing options.
4 reviews
Used 80times
Energized Welcome
Thanks subscribers for enrolling, and share some benefit
2 reviews
Used 89times
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Ready-made landing pages that sell.
Art Gallery
Your work tells a story
7 reviews
Used 12 times
Donut Shop
Bakeries, cafes and pastry chefs
3 reviews
Used 5 times
Digital Freelancer
UX Designers, UI Designers, Web Designers
4 reviews
Used 7 times
Actor David Nelson
Dazzle fans with a sleek and professional portfolio site
5 reviews
Used 6 times
Marketing firms, branding consultants and other creative agencies
14 reviews
Used 45 times
Promote your band with this template
10 reviews
Used 19 times
Flower Salon
Share a Product Special Offer
14 reviews
Used 97 times
Medical Clinic
Share a Product Special Offer
5 reviews
Used 87 times
Charity, non-profit and fundraising
5 reviews
Used 12 times
Dazzle your viewers with this engaging template
5 reviews
Used 8 times
Event Invitation
Share Details of Your Event
6 reviews
Used 49 times
Beauty Technician
Stylists, skin care beauticians and natural dermatologists
5 reviews
Used 8 times
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Ready-made SMS templates for targeted marketing.
Offer a discount to leads.
3 reviews
Used 56 times
Send an appointment reminder to a client.
5 reviews
Used 76 times
Promote a sale to current customers.
5 reviews
Used 64 times
Loyalty Program
Promote a loyalty program for customers.
3 reviews
Used 47 times
Change Appointment Time
Have a customer change an appointment.
3 reviews
Used 57 times
Support Ticket Open Confirmation
Confirm a support ticket has been opened.
5 reviews
Used 69 times
Support Ticket Close Confirmation
Confirm a support ticket has been closed.
3 reviews
Used 55 times
Account Open Confirmation
Confirm an account has been opened.
4 reviews
Used 49 times
Account Close Confirmation
Confirm an account has been closed.
2 reviews
Used 43 times
Accept Appointment
Have a customer accept an appointment.
3 reviews
Used 45 times
Appointment Confirmation
Confirm an appointment with a customer
0 reviews
Used 0 times