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Ready-made chatbots for website, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Viber.
Lead Magnet
Offer a high-value item for an opt-in
3 reviews
Used 24 times
Answer visitors’ frequently asked questions
4 reviews
Used 42 times
Lead Qualification Chatbot
Provide a form with qualifying questions
3 reviews
Used 32 times
AI Responder Ask A Question
Prompt visitor to as a question
4 reviews
Used 42 times
Customer Support Bot
Provide answers to customer questions
3 reviews
Used 37 times
Live Chat
Prompt a live chat with an agent
3 reviews
Used 46 times
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Ready-made email templates for targeted marketing.
No tricks, just treats
Bring in more subscribers this Halloween season.
5 reviews
Used 81times
Party GIF
Invite customers to an exclusive event you’re holding.
5 reviews
Used 74times
Black Friday Promo
Tell subscribers of the deals that will be offered.
5 reviews
Used 98times
Summer Sale
Introduce a few products on sale for the season.
5 reviews
Used 82times
Fall in Love
Give consumers a list of benefits of what you offer.
5 reviews
Used 84times
Birthday Wishes
Offer individualized gifts for subscribers’ birthdays.
5 reviews
Used 77times
Warm Welcome
Give your new subscribers a warm welcome message.
5 reviews
Used 96times
Promote Several Products
Showcase multiple products on one page for subscribers.
4 reviews
Used 68times
New Product Launch
Tell subscribers of a new product you’re offering.
4 reviews
Used 61times
Thanks for Signing Up
Express your gratitude for someone joining your Contact List.
2 reviews
Used 43times
Agency Pricing
Give a detailed breakdown of pricing options.
4 reviews
Used 80times
Energized Welcome
Thanks subscribers for enrolling, and share some benefit
2 reviews
Used 89times
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Ready-made landing pages that sell.
Marketing firms, branding consultants and other creative agencies
14 reviews
Used 45 times
Digital Agency
Social Media, Branding and Other Creative Agencies.
36 reviews
Used 101 times
Art Gallery
Your work tells a story
25 reviews
Used 65 times
Digital Freelancer
UX Designers, UI Designers, Web Designers
9 reviews
Used 34 times
Dazzle your viewers with this engaging template
18 reviews
Used 51 times
Medical Clinic
Share a Product Special Offer
5 reviews
Used 87 times
Charity, non-profit and fundraising
14 reviews
Used 42 times
Promote your band with this template
9 reviews
Used 36 times
Donut Shop
Bakeries, cafes and pastry chefs
7 reviews
Used 41 times
Construction Company
Building companies, contractors and engineering firms
19 reviews
Used 64 times
Real Estate Pro
Share a Product Special Offer
3 reviews
Used 87 times
Beautiful Lawn
Family farms, vineyards and orchards
20 reviews
Used 39 times
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Ready-made SMS templates for targeted marketing.
Offer a discount to leads.
3 reviews
Used 56 times
Send an appointment reminder to a client.
5 reviews
Used 76 times
Promote a sale to current customers.
5 reviews
Used 64 times
Loyalty Program
Promote a loyalty program for customers.
3 reviews
Used 47 times
Change Appointment Time
Have a customer change an appointment.
3 reviews
Used 57 times
Support Ticket Open Confirmation
Confirm a support ticket has been opened.
5 reviews
Used 69 times
Support Ticket Close Confirmation
Confirm a support ticket has been closed.
3 reviews
Used 55 times
Account Open Confirmation
Confirm an account has been opened.
4 reviews
Used 49 times
Account Close Confirmation
Confirm an account has been closed.
2 reviews
Used 43 times
Accept Appointment
Have a customer accept an appointment.
3 reviews
Used 45 times
Appointment Confirmation
Confirm an appointment with a customer
0 reviews
Used 0 times