Why Use a Landing Page Software Instead of a WordPress Page?

Find out if it's really better to use a landing page software over a WordPress page to build that landing page for your site.

Kate Neuer
August 31, 2021


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What Are Landing Pages vs Websites?

Before we talk about the difference between getting a page builder software versus a software builder to create an entire website, we need to show the difference between websites and landing pages.

Websites have multiple pages that you are most likely used to seeing when you visit a company's site, such as a homepage, content page or pages, a FAQs page and even Contact Us and About pages. Websites can comprise of many things, including ads and an search bar. 

Landing pages have one main purpose, which is to exchange something, whether its an ebook, newsletter subscription, etc. for your leads' contact information. This information could be an email and name. You could also use a form to ask for other personal answers, such as phone number, address, and even the reason your customer is choosing to sign up with your business. 

Ultimately, a landing page had one purpose and is, therefore, a shorter page, whereas websites can have many pages. Each with multiple purposes that usually are focused on a blog, listing products, or other content to show. This means every business takes extreme care when choosing a page builder that can craft a high-converting landing page.

What is a Post Click Landing Page?

This brings us to the type of post click landing pages, which don't include a form. It's a standalone page, disconnected from your website navigation, that uses persuasive tools to convince visitors to perform a specific action.

WordPress Websites

If you want to use WordPress for your entire website, this is entirely fine to do and can be simple at first. 

  • WordPress offers its own page builder 
  • There are many sites that act as a plugin to help with obtaining a domain and web hosting specifically for WordPress, such as bluehost and wpengine.
  • There is a resource website called wpbeginner that helps new WordPress users navigate everything from how to choose the best plugin to how to get the best hosting for WordPress.

WordPress Landing Page

A WordPress landing page is similar to how you may build any other page with WordPress, however, these types of pages are different when using WordPress because they may require different plugins or resource sites to understand. 

We've gathered a tool or two to help you decide if you want to use WordPress exclusively for your landing page or not.

  • WPForms is a plugin for your your page builder by giving you a wide variety of different types of forms for your WordPress landing page.
  • According to Wpbeginner, SeedProd is the best WordPress landing plugin. This is a great option if you are not creative and want to see templates of everything from headers to call-to-action button designs. 
  • Let's say you want to switch themes at different times of the year but still want to work with WordPress themes. Beaver Builder is one of the most popular plugins because it features the ability to work specifically with WordPress themes, so you can switch anything up on without worrying about your landing page breaking.
  • You've probably heard of Leadpages only because their templates designed to work with WordPress are optimized for lead generation. It also helps that Leadpages has a simple drag and drop builder and modules to post and publish things quickly. 

Why Should You Add a Landing Page to Your Website?

Hopefully you've understood by now what a landing page is and what a landing page builder is. The landing page builder will be different from your regular webpage builder, so this means you need different features designed for high converting landing pages. 

Why add a landing page to your website at all? This depends on what you want to get from the customer. In almost any blog or business, high traffic can grow from email marketing about products or services. For example, a business hoping to promote a product or two will want to reach out to subscribers or customers who've given their email on the landing page previously.

This is a great marketing technique and not just a contact-gathering step in your marketing goals. You can advertise products right on your landing page as well! Beaver Builder has at least one template for this and you can bet SeedProd, Unbounce, and many other plugins have similar templates.

If you're thinking a landing page isn't necessary, think again. Our advise is to search any website or service you often go to to land on their landing page. Do they have more than one for different things, such as subscribing to particular newsletters or signing up for bargains?

Even the blog you read for dinner recipes most likely has a landing page to get you to sign up for that free downloadable recipe book. Or they are offering to text you a code for a new coupon on cooking supplies. If you share any of this information, the business now has your email address and phone number for marketing purposes as well.

A builder will make sure your landing page seems just as enticing as that free recipe book. 

If you're interested in seeing all the features a landing page builder can offer instead of a plugin, our Pages app is a great example.

Check it out here!

Why Do You Need the Best Builder?

Ask yourself: would you rather waste time adding a software on top of a page builder that you've already bought? Or would you rather buy software that has it all? 

Not only can you save time and sometimes money by avoiding the use of a software like Bluehost and Kinsta. Hosting is an important part of choosing a page builder. But wouldn't it be best if you could have the option of a page plugin or an all-in-one webpage builder? 

Check out some of the reasons you'll want to search for the best builder. Here, we are talking about the best builder for you and your marketing goals. Not necessarily the best page builder based on traffic or various products that may or may not work for you. 


Are you a blogger who needs tools for a landing page that is specifically for a blog and not for a business that sells physical products? Then you may need:

  • A few template choices for enticing audiences to sign up for blog subscriptions
  • Tools for designing your specific brand with the ability to add original image content
  • Options to includes ads of similar blogs with which you may have an association
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop modules to create and save your own templates for future use if needed


If your business sells products that need to be shipped out to customers and you find yourself having multiple seasonal sales a year, it's possible you need different content and tools for the particular form needed on your landing page.

  • Tools focused on making a highly customizable form for any occasion: newsletter subscription, sale alert sign-ups, product share announcements, and even delivery information
  • Landing page templates that allow you to text possible customers
  • A/B Testing to see statistics on who is viewing your landing page


Remember a post-click landing page is where customers land after clicking on an ad of yours. How well this page does affects your ad rank. Your business based on giving people downloadable software will require a different enticement and tool specific for these leads.

  • Form specifically designed for customers signing up to download or install a software
  • Many template choices that are not too similar to each other in terms of possible placement of ads, form options (email, phone, address input)
  • An easy click and drag placement of widgets.

What is WordPress?

WordPress claims to power over 42% of the web. There are currently 10 million websites you can browse from around the globe. That may seem like a lot, but we have to remember that WordPress is more than a simple page builder and not the typical one you may have used.

WordPress even claims on their site that the easiest way to get WordPress is through a hosting provider (such as bluehost) to help you get and register a domain name. WordPress originally had one purpose, which was for blog publishing. Now you need a product, a web server, in order to install WordPress. 

This means WordPress needs to be part of an internet hosting service, as mentioned before, to function. WordPress.com can be the service. Or you can research some of the best hosting services. 

WordPress has over 58,000 plugins available to extend the features to create a website to look the way users want. This plugin architecture enables people to customize tools to cater to their needs. Some advanced plugins can help with customizations, such as search engine optimization (SEO), for example. There are only about 1,500 of these special plugins.

Some plugins are available directly through WordPress while others, which you may need for a landing page builder, are not. WordPress also says on their website that only tech-savvy, aka people who are good at code, prefer to download and install WordPress instead of getting a tool or plugin to help with hosting.

What Does a WordPress Landing Page Offer?

Let's dive deeper into what exactly Wordpress can offer you when you're looking to create a landing page. We will also go over what what a WordPress landing page cannot offer.

WordPress Landing Page Pros

Here are some of the features that make choosing WordPress for your landing page seem like a win.

  • Offers many of the same features as other landing page builders.
  • They have a cheap (free) option.
  • They also have a wide range of pricing options (4 in total).

WordPress Landing Page Cons

There are many issues when creating landing pages, especially if you choose to use a WordPress landing page.

  • It is not easy to navigate or build.
  • WordPress offers only a static page.
  • There is no automatic updating.
  • There's no simple A/B testing.
  • The list of "themes" or templates isn't large, which is often why people have used plugins to expand their theme choices.

Depending on your business budget, this may be a good option. But with other landing page software on the market with similar pricing, you may benefit from more than just a plugin. Next, let us discuss what the Wordpress landing page plugin is.

WordPress Landing Page Plugin vs a Regular Page Builder

If you want a WordPress landing page, you will need a landing page plugin. The other option is to get a regular page builder that is specifically designed for landing page creation. Let's go over the difference between them.

WordPress requires a plugin for landing pages, which is the largest difference. Though it is free, the plugins may not be. This changes the way you use a page builder. For example, if you cannot pay more per month, your modules for landing pages may be limited.

Regular pages use a builder for their service only. This means you can make a landing page without having a website. Your independent landing page can be created by platforms like Instapages that do not need a developer to use.

What's Our Reply to a WordPress Landing Page?

The common opinion that seems to swirl around the internet about Wordpress hosting says to avoid its use when it comes to landing pages. We hope we've been able to show the disadvantages of starting a click landing page using the Wordpress software. 

To sum up the cons, the cost starting off is generally not in a business' budget. You may likely have to prepare to spend more on a Wordpress landing page plugin as well. Keep in mind that you may not want to go through the hassle of connecting a plugin that's specific for one page on your website. Especially when there are website builders out there with the tools for a landing page already built in.

However, if you have the band width to install multiple software for one landing page because the rest of your website uses a Wordpress builder, then go for it!

Conclusion: What Are the Advantages of a Landing Page?

We hope you see the reasons for opting to choose the best landing page software so as not to limit your business. Remember that the top landing page plugin may cost you more time and money to connect it to WordPress. Even if that means you get all the modules you want. 

You can also learn more about landing pages and optimizing them for your business by signing up for our newsletter. If you have any questions about gaining traffic and increasing your conversions with landing pages, reply to us! We love when our audience reaches out and gives us the chance to boost their marketing efforts.

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