What Is the Best Landing Page Software

Read about possible Landing Page software you can incorporate and see which may be best for your website.

Kate Neuer
August 23, 2021


What Are Landing Pages?

First, you need to understand what a landing page is and why you may want or need one for your business before deciding on which software to buy in order to create a webpage. 

Landing pages are not to be confused with a homepage on a business website. The purpose of a landing page is to take the next step in turning a website visitor into a customer. The idea behind a landing page is for your business to offer something in exchange for the lead's personal information. This is part of a great marketing technique as well. 

A good example of a landing page may be to offer a free dessert recipe e-book if the site visitor fills in their name and email on food blogger's landing page. Then, this food blogger can build a contact list to offer more deals, whether they are free or not. This means it is one of the clickfunnels to utilize when getting a lead to become a customer. 


What Are Landing Pages

Why You May Need a Landing Page Builder



What You Need in a Landing Page Software

What Is the Top Landing Page Software

Leadpages Landing Page

Instapage's Landing Page Builder

Mailchimp's Builder

Hubspot's Landing Page Builder

Unbounce's Builder


Honorable Mentions


Why You May Need a Landing Page Builder

There are a few huge reasons for getting a landing page software. Looking for the best landing page builder around is half the battle. It's pertinent to get the right tools that can not only save you time and effort, but it must also achieve your marketing goals while matching your company's brand.

Here are the two main pros of having good landing pages for people to consider when they are debating about getting a landing page builder.


A software that can create a landing page for you and offer a good webpage editor will only improve your website as a whole, therefore your business.

  • You don't have to personally monitor contacts that are being added. A landing page will do this for you as it collects emails and other visitor information. 
  • It's even better if the software to create landing pages can save and display statistics like the number of people who click on your webpage per month or who've subscribed to your newsletter, for example.
  • If the landing page style blends well with the rest of your website, your company will look more legitimized dedicated to the business in the eyes of the potential customers. 


Your marketing goals can vary, but it's true that a great website builder will only improve your marketing efforts. Particularly a landing page builder, which focuses on tools to get the most out of your landing page. 

  • An example of this is could be a through link you can insert in your marketing emails. 
  • You can list other benefits of your service or product on your landing page. Some companies add these benefits lists next to a fillable landing page form. 

What You Need in a Landing Page Software

Along with the importance of getting a visitor's email and other personal information, any page creation software needs a few pertinent elements. Here are a few tools and abilities you'll want in order to get started with before you launch a landing page. 

  • Ability to review pages before launching
  • Ease of use with drag and drop capabilities
  • Offers a variety of webpage templates 
  • Entirely customizable to accommodate for brand compliance[p
  • Ability to collaborate with other team members 
  • Affordable plans that fits your business budget and size
  • Wide range of tools to add to the landing page, like images, image source, forms, etc.
  • Can do more than just a landing page, such as sales pages

There are many dedicated landing page software companies with advanced tools out there, such as Instapages, Unbounce, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, Sendinblue, Kickofflabs, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Zapier. They all have their pros and cons. Usually the con is price, which is why affordable plans should be the thing startups keep an eye on.

Plans that are usually "free" come with a small price in the future. Normally, these trial plans are very far from free and may require you to buy a package of other tools or applications that require you to make a payment each month.

TruVISIBILITY doesn't want to give customers tools without a guide, so they offer dedicated customer service that's available 24/7. The landing page app, called Pages, is perfect for up-and-coming businesses that want a free option to start. There are other apps that can be connected with your landing page, such as email messaging and chatbot apps.

Check out TruVISIBILITY's template example here.

What Is the Top Landing Page Software?


Now we can go over some of the top landing page builders in the biz. Keep in mind each software listed has specific features for landing pages, but they may have offers for other services that can add to your website or business.

Sometimes this is a package deal and may be worth it for businesses looking for email apps that offer hundreds of templates or more personalization when it comes to website design. 

Also, one can see that the mostly older, more established companies are part of this list while newer software companies, like Launchrock are not. This doesn't mean these experienced companies are necessarily "better" or the best fit for your business. "New" does not always equal "poor quality". 

We encourage businesses to have honest answers to questions like, "Do I have hours upon hours of free time a day to edit my webpage?" or "Do I want an editor that can simply drag widgets and drop them where I want?" These answers will determine if you are available to go through a learning curve with some web creation tools. 


5. Leadpages Landing Page

Leadpages is a good example of a new (or newer) company that was established in the past decade that went for an array of affordable plans. 

Their builder is sufficient, and have great options even if they aren't at the very top of our list.

Why we like Leadpages:

  • Good tools, such as a wide variety of text fonts
  • Offers an easy-to-view and understandable demo 
  • Great options for multiple landing pages, such as booking clients, selling products, etc.
  • Competitive pricing ($37/mo)


  • They have a limited free trial

4. Instapage's Landing Page Builder

Instapage can get you to create a beautiful landing page, but thanks to its simple use, it's also easy to get started and finished with your website within the same day.

Why we like Instapage:

  • No IT knowledge needed
  • Easy build
  • conversion-optimized layouts
  • Easy to update
  • Seamlessly integrate with entire marketing stack for accurate attribution and lead nurturing
  • AMP+Thor Render for best mobile experience


  • Low value for your money 

3. Mailchimp's Builder

Mailchimp is popular because of its often high conversion rate with customers, who claim their businesses had sales go through the roof after a month of setting up Mailchimp for webpages and email messaging. Then again, these companies are Walmart and other big financial or retail businesses. Their marketing probably has a lot do with this huge fan base.

Why we like Mailchimp:

  • Wide range of features, such as offering free download and holding contest for customers
  • Publish unlimited pages for free
  • Easy building tools


  • Cost for value

2. Hubspot's Landing Page Builder

Hubspot has been around since 2006 and has always made every part of their platform a breeze to get started. They have some of the best analytics out there in terms of keeping track of site visitor interaction statistics.

Why Hubspot is great...

  • Affordability ($50/mo)
  • Analytics you can click on for more detailed information on visitor interactions
  • Test and optimize pages easily and faster
  • Software describes how it can be used for the entire team


  • No great demo of their landing page wizard

1. Unbounce's Builder

If you need just one app for creating a landing page, Unbounce won't let any other app of theirs get in the way. This means you won't be distracted by some other features of their email software, for example.

Unbounce makes it easy to get started with a thorough builder with some of the most advanced tools and features. It seems to be one of those platforms that can amp up your marketing to make your Google analytics sparkle among competitors. 

Why we think Unbounce is the top page creation software: 

  • Good reputation - the first landing page software
  • Easy testing and optimizing
  • Easy to build
  • More features to help with conversion (popups, for example)
  • Easy to preview the builder


  • Limited trial period (14-day trial)


Clickfunnels can be in a category on its own based on the steady, good reviews and the solid builder that will save you time. We want to give it special attention because they have a blog with tools to help you get started exploring the landing page world.

For all of the software companies listed above that have specific tools for landing pages, it's worth mentioning that each landing page builder must match the abilities of your company. If you don't have a tech-savvy team, keep that in mind.

We recommend reading as many reviews as you can before you give into their free offers. Don't start paying per month for tools that can be difficult to navigate or not available to you. 

Honorable Mentions

We wanted to give you a list of other landing page software companies to check out if these options and features may not be what you need, depending on the size of your business or what you want on your website. 

  • Landingi
  • Lander
  • Tars
  • Sendinblue


We put together a list considering not just the popularity of the landing page builders on the market but also the value for your money each month. Landing page creation should be stress free in regards to your time and piggy bank, so you can focus on new marketing plans as your business grows. 

Not sure what builder to go with? Google an editor you may want to try. One tip we have is to get the free trial! Use a calculator to see how much your sales have improved using the different web creation platforms available.

If there is a builder you want to add to your budget each month, click "purchase" and enjoy learning the editor. Play around with what the different software offers. Click random buttons to make mistakes. The learning process will help you understand which plans are right for you. Usually there is more personalization and analytics offered with a premium version. You can always reply to a software's customer service if there are any concerns or issues.

We want your business to thrive in the digital world. If you want to learn more about our affordable Pages app for smaller and mid-sized businesses, sign up for our newsletter for helpful information right in your inbox.

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