What Is a Safelist?

Learn what a safelist is and why you may want or need one.

Kate Neuer
August 16, 2021


First of all, a safelist is purely an internet marketing tool. People with advertising to do, whether for promoting a service or product, sign up for a membership to one of these mailings. 

It is a safe place to send out emails advertising something of yours in the digital space to members of the safelist. In return, people will send you emails as well. It's like an ad you create and send to enough people who are most likely guaranteed to open it as an affiliate link.  

Safelists provide a spam free place for marketers to present their opportunities to other like minded people who are searching for ways to make money on the internet as well. When you sign up for this free "service", it will seem like you get a ton of ads, but remember it's just members helping each other out.

Table of Contents

Why Do I Need to Get a Safelist?

What Are the Disadvantages and Benefits of a Safelist?

Who Are Safelists Really For?

How Do I Create a Safelist?

How Do You Use Safelists?


Why Do I Need to Get a Safelist?

The beauty of safelist marketing is that you're in with a list of people, specifically marketers, who have agreed to get promotional emails from other marketers. But does your business need it? Let's get to the reasons for signing up to be a member.

  • No spam

That's right. You can't have any of your ads or emails going into someone's spam folder to never be seen by people because these addresses have already agreed to receive and read this mail!

There's a double opt-in feature to nullify any spam complaints. Due to this feature, ads mailed to the safelist members are not considered spam. That's why it's called a  safelist. 

  • Free Marketing

If done right, these lists offer a productive way of promoting your product or service. There are more than a hundred thousand safelists to join. This means you are reaching a huge audience to be seen, which is oftentimes a better strategy than advertising on facebook.

What Are the Disadvantages and Benefits of a Safelist?  

Before deciding if you need a safelist or not, you may first have to ask yourself if it is worth it for your business in the end. There are many safelist marketing tactics, but let's name a few other things to consider when signing up for these mailings. 


  • Targeted 

You can target audiences of other businesses similar to yours or who could use your product or service for one of their needs. 

  • Legitimate Marketing

Spam laws have limited the number of ways to market a product or service.  Safelist Advertising allows marketers to reach consumers easily and legitimately with their permission.

  • Cost

It costs nothing to join most safelists or you can pay a little (at the most $10) to have a subscription, making it a free marketing strategy.


  • Risk of Spam Emails 

Okay, okay, we know we just said emails are less likely to become spam. However, this is why you must research the best safelists to join since some members can report spam emails if they don't know how to cancel their account.

  • Time

There are better marketing strategies to put time into other than email marketing. But you can make safelists work for you if you realize marketing is about building a relationship. We recommend you read a few articles on other marketing tactics to see which you want to save time on and which you need to spend time on.

  • Often One-sided 

The emails are generally one-sided as you do send out, essentially, ads to get eyes on whatever you're advertising. Also, responding to every message will not save you any time.

However, this can be fixed if you first invest in an autoresponder service that will automatically send response emails to people who interact with your ads.

To conclude, by using the right safelist marketing tactics, you can avoid sending ads to the wrong accounts and possibly increase visibility. Also gain revenue! 

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Who Are Safelists Really For?

Safelist marketing tactics are great to review if you run any type of business that sells (or gives for free) information, a service, or product. Essentially, if you ask for members to sign up through a link of yours or you want accounts added to your business, consider safelists.

Who will really benefit the most from safelists, though? 

  • Anyone with a business website, whether this is a business strictly offering services or products online or in conjunction with a physical store

  • B2B software services, again, whether or not these are offered only on the internet or with a hard copy of the software available in stores

  • Blogs of all kinds, not limited to cooking blogs, lifestyle blogs, entertainment or book blogs that offer critiques

  • Some business examples that greatly benefit from being safelist members include, makeup or skincare product lines, dry-cleaning services, insurance companies, SaaS companies, and agencies

  • Anyone with a business who can be consistent and organized, since this is the way it will work for you - there is some upkeep with safelists

To sum up, any business filled with people who can be consistent and organized will gain the most from having a safelist account. We want to stress that one of the main ways a safelist will work for you is if you are organized and can stay on top of the upkeep of safelists, such as sending relevant and enticing emails steadily.

How Do I Create a Safelist?

When you join a safelist, you are given a credit number. This number of credits you have can be used to send your email marketing messages to other marketers in the list. How do you create an account a gather a good amount of credit to build your safelist? Let's go over the steps.

Make sure you use a separate email account. Even better, a separate business email account. But we would never recommend you sign up to a safelist with your personal email. 

Most safelists will give you a free credit, but you can buy as many credits as you need. 

Next, have in mind what you need to advertise or promote that will provide the most information about your company and products. Don't forget to include a link or two to your website pages. This can be a landing page, but we suggest a link directing marketers to your products or services.

Also, think of the layout of your emails since an attractive email can get one of those first actions you want from your audience... a click on the link to your site.

Check out our Messaging app to see what you can accomplish with your audience!

How Do You Use Safelists?

Do you consider yourself not very internet savvy and unsure how to use a safelist? The fear of having other, more experienced marketers see and judge your business for the first time can be terrifying. However, these tips will help you feel like you know what you're doing. Soon, marketers will see your service or products as relevant and helpful to them as well.

First of all, every email you send needs attention. The frequency you can email a group of accounts depends on the safelist you choose to join. Usually, you can send an email once a day. 

One credit equals one email. When you run out of credits, you have two options: surf for credits or buy credits. Remember to research how many credits are given to you for each different safelist in order to see which will work best for you.

You will receive an email when you first join a safelist. At the bottom of the email is generally an option that says "Click here for credits". This button will take you to a separate website with a timer at the top, counting down the time you have until you are given another credit. This is usually a wait time of 10 seconds, so you can gain thousands of credits if you are patient enough.

What is great about credits is that you can set up a package as well to receive a certain amount of credits each month, day, or you can simply continue with the free credits given each day. Either way, you will be shown how to create and send emails with whichever safelist group you decide to join.


You can see how safelists can be useful to get your product out in the world, but it does take some consistent attention to make safelists work for you. 

If you have one or more safelist accounts, you gain a lot of credit to get started with a community of marketers who view your business for the first time. Safelist marketing can be a necessary step when starting out as an entrepreneur or new business that is just getting its feet off the ground.

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