Three Secrets To Digital Agencies Profiting From Chatbots

This new requirement for Digital Agencies needing to engage personally with the consumer can not be solved with the old way of one-to-many type marketing campaigns.

Alexander Koval
May 12, 2021

The Digital Agency has a big problem.

Successful Digital Agencies must keep expanding and improving their services to deliver the needed results for their clients. This is even more challenging because typical consumer behaviors are constantly evolving. Digital Agencies cannot get stuck using old marketing methods that used to work well enough to keep clients happy. These old methods are now failing to deliver acceptable ROI for their clients, and they risk losing their client’s future business if they do not keep up. And Digital Agencies that don’t keep reinventing themselves will not be able to win new clients over their competition.

Today, consumers want to have a personal one-to-one conversation and relationship with the brands that they choose to follow, support and patronize. Consumers now want to feel that their needs are being personally addressed and they are being listened to directly. This has been almost impossible for Digital Agencies to address on any type of scale or with their current pool of in-house talent.

Addressing this shift in behavior has been labeled “Conversational Marketing” or “Conversational Commerce”.  This new requirement for Digital Agencies needing to engage personally with the consumer can not be solved with the old way of one-to-many type marketing campaigns and methods like static web pages, email blasts, organic social posts, one-size-fits-all messaging.

The technology and skills needed to be a leader in conversational marketing are being addressed by brand new AI platforms that drive the consumer into one-to-one conversations using chatbots. Chatbots have been around a while but Digital Agencies are either ignoring this amazing opportunity or they just can’t figure out how to bring it into their business at scale to drive client revenues.

Three Secrets To Digital Agency Profits With Chatbots

1) Future Digital Agency growth and success can be achieved by the agency incorporating Chatbot Landing Pages to be the post-click destinations of all their client’s email, social and PPC campaigns.

2) By driving the visitor from the campaign click right into an engaging conversation on a Chatbot Landing Page, you will have the best opportunity to drive conversions, capture highly qualified leads and deliver maximum brand engagement.  

3) Tying AI Chatbot technology to the money side of your client's business (advertising, branding, and sales) instead of the customer support and service side of their business is the real secret to using Chatbots to drive Digital Agency profits.

I can continue on with describing how chatbots can be the best tool in your toolbox to engage and convert visitors, but I would rather inspire you as to what chatbots can do for your clients and your Digital Agency by inviting you to browse the Chatbot Landing Page Gallery.  Here you will see how a chatbot can be the center focus of the typical marketing campaign.

I would like to offer up a personal one-to-one conversation so that would you can learn about this Chatbot Landing Page opportunity better. Ask me to tell you about “Ready-To-Go Chatbots” and the “Never Ending Chatbot Presentation” for shortening the “click to a visitor to a conversion” sales process.

Why isn't your Digital Agency using chatbots today? - Please answer in the comments below.