The 9 Best Landing Page Builders for Ecommerce in 2022

Learn about the top features and landing page builders you need for your ecommerce business.

Anne Margarette Cueto
February 24, 2022


Software Tools for Non-Developers to Create Awesome Pages

Ever wonder how to get leads through your website? A landing page promotes actionable attention to your chosen marketing channel. It is instrumental in spreading your content, especially if you have an appealing landing page. This only means that landing pages are the ideal place to get your leads to sign up or check out your page.

A good landing page is a way to attract leads to your page. The main objective of that is to get them to be one of your customers. Learn how and where to create the best landing page for free that converts, specifically for ecommerce businesses like those on Shopify. 


> How to Choose an eCommerce Landing Page Builder

> How to Create the Best Landing Page that Converts

>The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Creating a Landing Page

> Types of Landing Page Builder Apps

> 9 Best Ecommerce Landing Page Builders

> Unbounce

> Leadpages

> Landingi

> Instapage

> GetResponse



> WishPond

> Wix

> Top 3 Benefits from a Landing Page Builder

> Determine the Goal of your Landing Page

> Situations Where Landing Pages are Ideal

> What's Next?

How to Choose a Landing Page Builder for Your Website

Make sure to review the landing page builder software that you want before actually purchasing it. Get yourself reasons why you have to get that, check the features, and what will be helpful for you, especially if you are a first-time business owner who'd like to try marketing your service or product in an online store.


Check the price alongside the key features of the landing page builder you'd like to avail. Of course, you need to invest in something like this, but there are a lot of choices for you in the market that can give you what you need without getting out of your budget.

Wondering how to try out features for free? Here's our landing page app that allows you to create a page at no cost to you!



Ease of use and time-saver should be in the look. You want to make sure that you can craft a good-looking landing page that is effective, right? Most of the landing page builders nowadays have customizable templates to personalize. Also, check if you can do A/B testing once you create one to see if that will be perfect for your page.


Be sure that you are able to combine the landing page with all the other marketing applications that you are using. It makes it possible to transfer leads to external platforms and track conversions. It's also easier to create a widget for messaging which is crucial for your page visitor's questions. Integrating them with other external tools will quicken your work because it automates repetitive actions.


Check out other features that can improve conversion. You might want to consider things but are not on the software you're looking to purchase. Look out for: color-changing CTA buttons, countdown timers (to help leads take action quickly), hotkeys for undo/redo, built-in website popups, and much more...


We don't want the leads to be confused about paying. So you either want to make sure you can integrate your landing page with external payment options or get a landing page software that lets you create an easy checkout flow. This is one of the vital tools to have in a landing page builder.

Businesses create landing pages to increase conversions and improve online marketing campaigns. It starts the flow of a sales funnel, and it is where a visitor's information is captured when they click on your link from an advertisement seen online or via email.

However, building an effective landing page isn't easy, especially for non-developers and those who have just begun to understand how the digital world works. These people will most likely need to outsource help from someone tech-savvy to create an enticing landing page for their business.

If this is the case, let's think about the new local businesses that have emerged online since the stay-at-home orders were enforced due to the pandemic.

And what about those who are exploring new avenues to market their services or products because they are limited to traditional marketing like print ads, phone calls, and referrals? Everyone should be able to create their landing page regardless of their expertise, budget, or scale of operation.

How to Create the Best Ecommerce Landing Page That Converts

Ecommerce landing pages should grab the potential customer's attention. The goal of your landing page needs to be clear and easy to understand to make the leads stay on your website. Think about shopping in the actual boutique: Will you enter a store that's very cluttered and disorganized? No, right? 

So, let's dive into 5 of the most recommended practices every brand should follow if you want the visitor's landing experience to stand out in the crowd and boost your conversion rates.

1. Be concise. A good landing page should be visually appealing and is straightforward. Every element you include on your page should have a clear purpose for why you put them there. A visitor can get easily confused by seeing too many texts, and more likely, they will just scroll through your page.

*Marketing tip: You might want to use some bullet points for highlighting your product's features to make it more interesting to read.

2. Give them a single focus. Make sure you put just one clear call to action on your landing page. Remember that it only takes a second for your visitor to decide whether to stay on your page or leave because they can't decide which option to choose. Making them wanna hit that CTA button to be one of your customers should always be the ultimate priority.

3. Use the right images. More often than not, the first thing a page visitor will notice is the color and the quality of the photos that you are using. You have to make sure that the photos you use fit the objective of your page. It should also be optimized to be seen from any device because not all leads use desktops. We want to avoid them zooming in if they're using mobile phones so that they won't see the images as pixelated or low-quality.

4. Optimize load speed. Loading speed has a very crucial effect on conversion rates. Users won't take too much of their time to wait for the page to show, so they will be more likely to hit the back button instead of wasting ten seconds of their life. One great way to make it load faster is by reducing the size of the images without having to use low-quality images.

*Tip: You can use TinyPNG to compress the images you want to use.

5. Personalize your page copy. Imply that you have a strong understanding of what the visitor is looking for. It is a great way to target your audience because you create a unique experience for them depending on which segment they belong to. Most ecommerce has the same vision or goal, so think of something new to add by offering a different perspective and providing a fresh approach.

The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Creating a Landing Page

After learning about some of the practices every landing page should have, let's talk about the most common mistakes you should avoid to boost your marketing and campaign performance and attract potential leads to sign up.

1. Lack of clarity. Remove distracting elements that may take your visitor's attention away from converting. If you have another call to action aside from the main one, make sure that it's not as clear as your primary call to action where you expect your leads to take. If your message doesn't convince your leads that you have something valuable to offer, you're helping your website lower its conversions. 

2. Lengthy form. Asking for too much information may cause potential leads to not take any action at all. Especially if you don't have an enticing offer to make them willing to sign up in your form, they won't spend their time answering too personal information about themselves. This is one way of scaring potential leads away. Always consider your landing page as a funnel that guides your leads to a buyer's journey.

3. Poor layout. You can't sell your offer if the structure of your landing page is confusing to look at. Your headline should reinforce the message of your landing page. A relevant sub-header should support it for the users to read on, then alluring images and copy about your product or services to sell your offer. The last part is your form guiding the leads on receiving your offer. Keep in mind that web users read from top to bottom, so layout your page accurately for users to scan and for your conversions to bounce up.

4. Too much information. Massive copy is not a way of inviting users to read through your page. It overwhelms your leads, which is a way to lose your opportunity of conversions. Sometimes, you only want to include everything on your landing page, not knowing that it dilutes your main message that people do not understand what you're offering. Include just a brief introduction about your page, highlight some key features, and don't be afraid to break up information using images or videos.

*Marketing tip: More often than not, using customer feedback on a landing page says it all. It will help you with converting visitors to actual customers without reading everything. 

5. Colorful landing page scheme. Unless you want to decrease your conversions, avoid a color riot. A landing page can be visually appealing without using too many colors to it. Also, colors have a massive impact on your visitor's emotions. So, you know what else could go down aside from your conversion rate? Your credibility.

*Tip: use 2, or 3 colors that will compliment your website's theme

Types of Landing Page Builder Apps

Look for these tools or features when searching for the best landing page builder for your specific marketing goals.

  • Lead Capture - This landing page contains a form that leads need to fill out with their personal information like their name, phone number, email address, etc. But make sure that you only collect just the necessary information that won't overwhelm your visitor. 

Now, since you're getting some information from your leads, you have to provide what's in it for them if they sign up on your page. Most pages are giving a discount for signing up to get a newsletter or special access to a premium service that they are offering. Now, think about what you are willing to give that you feel worth it for your business and your potential customer. Leadpages creates the best lead capture form.

  • Click-Through - This landing page is focused on building the visitor's trust first before filling out any forms. The main objective of this landing page is to have the reader be curious when they read your headline, and by curiosity, that means they're going to want to scroll more on the pages first and be convinced as to why they need to sign-up for your page. Once you win their trust, they will be confident to click through another page where the actual conversion occurs.

A click-through is a landing page without a form where your visitors land while accessing your site. This page will only have one clickable element, which is the CTA button, so make sure to have an optimized click-through landing page by following the best practices of a good landing page.

  • Squeeze Page - This landing page is similar to the lead capture landing page but can appear as popups on your page. It is designed to give special offers or discount codes, only to "squeeze" the page visitor to provide personal information (mostly names and email addresses only). It includes a clear headline with the benefit of what your visitor is getting to help them decide whether to give out their email address or not.

A squeeze page is not industry-specific and can be utilized for all businesses because its primary intent is to encapsulate all businesses irrespective of place or size.

9 Best Ecommerce Landing Page Builders

There are a lot of digital creators out there who can help you build your ecommerce landing page. Sure, it will be appealing and could outperform your competitors, but it's going to cost you a lot.

Fortunately, many landing page software apps allow them to create customized landing pages without needing to acquire technical skills. Let us introduce you to a list of landing page builders with drag and drop capabilities, offer pre-designed templates, are beginner-friendly, and integrate with the existing analytics that will optimize your conversion rate.

Let's go over the best landing page builders on the market right now. Keep in mind that most of the top landing page builders offer free trials and tools to help you accomplish your ecommerce goals.


Also known as one of the best landing page builders for ecommerce. It has a smart builder that helps you create mobile-optimized campaigns in just a snap. It also has a smart copy to expand on-brand content for everything. Unbounce provides all kinds of insights on your landing page. The software focuses on conversion, and it uses an auto-image optimizer for a faster loading rate. It also has a lot of drop and drag templates that you can customize in just a few clicks.

The only thing we don't like about Unbounce is that you can't split test existing landing pages crafted outside Unbounce.


    • Offers 100+ free customizable templates
    • Marketing app integration
    • Easy to read stats engine
    • Friendly plugins
    • Unlimited popups
    • Unlimited sticky bars
    • Smart and classic builder
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • AI-powered tools

Customers: Unbounce has over 15,000 clients, including Vimeo and New Balance


    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $72 per month Launch Plan
    • $108 per month Optimize Plan
    • $180 per month Accelerate Plan



Leadpages lets you launch a professional-looking landing page software app without having to spend a lot of money. Leadpages is one of the cheapest-known landing page builders on the market today, yet the templates available are mobile-friendly and are the most suitable platform for small businesses. It consists of features that empower your ecommerce business to the next level. Leadpages also make it easy to hook it up on your website. There are dedicated plugins and tons of integrations for other software apps that you are using.

Leadpages' interface is good, and it comes with a fast builder, but you have to be okay with building your pages using the blocks they gave you. Leadpages isn't set up to customize little details. If you need those fixes, you have to be calling their customer support.


    • Offers 200+ free customizable templates
    • Real-time stats tracking
    • Mobile responsive pages
    • Social media integration
    • Unlimited A/B split testing
    • Check Out and Coming Soon pages creator access
    • Free hosting
    • Lead notifications
    • Rapid page load speed

Customers: Leadpages has 40,000 clients, including Spiro and ZenMaid


    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $37 per month Standard Plan (billed annually)
    • $74 per month Pro Plan (billed annually)



Give an analysis of how your page visitors turn into leads with its easy-to-use platform. Efficiently manage leads and automate critical tasks with its seamless integrations. Landingi can help you create the best landing page quickly. You just download a picture of your product and integrate it with a preferred payment method, and you're done!

In Landingi, you can create multiple landing pages without losing your current work-in-progress. Keep all your work in order and search through the long list of templates in the landing pages grouping that they offer. 


    • Offers 300+ free customizable templates
    • Fast setup
    • Popups builder
    • Landing pages import
    • Thank You pages creator
    • Easy and quick to set up
    • Built-in analytic tools
    • One-click pages duplication

Customers: Being used by over 4,000 companies, including Sony Music and Booksy


    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $29/month Core Plan (billed annually)
    • $65/month Create Plan (billed annually)
    • $89/month Automate Plan (billed annually)
    • $109/month Agency Plan (billed annually

*Add $5 per month for +5,000 unique visits and $5 per month for +1 domain with SSL



Ever wonder why most large agencies have a stunning landing page? Instapage is a perfect software app for those non-developers who want to create personalized landing pages and advertising. It can easily integrate with your existing website and truly is a drag-and-drop editor.

One of the things we don't like about Instapage is that the business plan has limitations of 30,000 unique visitors per month, five workspaces, and the account is unlimited to 5 team members only.


    • Offers 200+ free industry-based templates & 5k+ fonts access
    • No conversion limit
    • Built-in Heatmaps
    • Codeless integrations with Facebook advertising + more
    • Easy to read analytics platform
    • Offers drag-and-drop
    • Sophisticated A/B testing
    • Ad-to-pages personalization

Customers: 900+ companies are currently using Instapage, including eBay and SoundCloud


    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $199/year Building Plan ($16.50/ month)
    • (Customizable depending on your needs) Converting Plan



An all-in-one marketing software platform and is best-known in creating and publishing high-converting promo pages and squeeze pages. The landing page builder may not be their primary product, but it provides ready-made templates like other landing page builders. You can also edit and write message templates that can be utilized for customer relationship management.

The other thing that we like about GetResponse for ecommerce-specific is the abandoned order recovery feature, although it is only available on the Plus Plan or higher. This automatically sends an email to a user who did not complete their order.


    • Offers 200+ pre-designed templates in different categories for email marketing (but were optimized for other purposes)
    • Email automaton services
    • Trackable visitor's data via Google Tag Manager
    • Promote webinars
    • Google Analytics integration
    • A countdown timer for leads to take action

Customers: GetResponse has over 350,000 consumers, including Zendesk and Ikea


    • offers 1-month free credit for new users
    • $12.3/month Basic Plan 
    • $40.18/month Plus Plan *top choice
    • $81.18/month Professional Plan 



A reputable software with a variety of marketing services. One of which is to create a landing page that converts. Its free landing page builder can be integrated with its own CRM, so you can get a high chance of gaining leads. TruVISIBILITY also provides a centralized dashboard for you to see your landing page statistics.

Another benefit is the fact that you don't need any coding skills to build your landing page. You can integrate it easily to your website (that you can build through TruVISIBILITY as well) or connect to a WordPress page.


    • Simple and optimized templates
    • Easy drag and drop blocks in the builder
    • Offers email automation services
    • Offers chatbot services
    • Contact form and popups builder
    • Integration with an external marketing tool
    • Built-in Analytics


    • Freemium - $0/Month
    • Pro - $99/Month


You can get the all-in-one suite for free or pay as little as you want or need per month without having to get a pro account. Check it out below!



A landing page builder is not its primary package, but surprisingly, it helps design a powerful landing page with smart sales funnels. It's also a user-friendly platform with a lot of integrations that also has a high potential of converting leads because it helps your visitor through the entire sales process. 

Currently, they are fixing their software to a new version to have a faster loading speed for an optimized customer experience.


    • Ready-made free templates
    • Simple drag and drop landing page editor
    • Opt-in funnels
    • Easy format lead forms
    • Offers payment processing option
    • Single dashboard management
    • Free unlimited A/B testing
    • Nurture leads

Customers: Over 100,000 users, primarily entrepreneurs


    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $80/month Basic Plan
    • $247/month Platinum Plan



As their tagline says, "Marketing made simple," Wishpond is a really great help when it comes to your marketing needs. Its pre-designed templates are filtered by industry and responsive across all devices. Also great for creating popups, online forms, and more. 

This made the list of best landing page builders because of its features and ease of functionality.


    • Intuitive components, easy setup
    • Allows lead list exports
    • Includes access to the knowledge base and all helpful content
    • Marketing integration
    • Mobile-responsive pages
    • Can add photos/videos
    • Copy/paste objects
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Offers additional marketing automation tools
    • Leads notifications
    • Unlimited A/B testing

Customers: 3,000+ users, including ESPN and Walmart

Packages and Inclusions:

    • 14-day free trial for new users
    • $49/month "Starting Out" Plan (up to 1000 contacts)
    • $99/month "Everything You Need" Plan (up to 2,500 contacts)
    • $199/month "Rapid Growth" Plan (up to 10,000 contacts)


9. WIX

Quickly build a conversion-optimized landing page using the pre-designed templates available for your brand. You can connect Wix Analytics with leading marketing tools like Facebook Pixel to monitor your leads' behavior while on your site. Wix knows that faster speed is a significant factor in getting a higher conversion rate. People don't want to build a site quickly but perform like a turtle, right?

On the other hand, for you to check how well your site is performing, you will need to have a paid plan, unlike any other sites that offer this for free. And premium plans are single-site only. Premium features aren't transferable to another site.


    • Offers a range of customizable templates
    • Payment solutions integration
    • Coming soon pages
    • Professional video tools
    • Partner program exclusive access
    • Full marketing suite

Customers: Over 300 companies are using this platform, including FinTech Consortium and Discovery


    • 14-Day free trial for new users
    • $4.50 Connect Domain Plan
    • $6.25/month Unlimited Plan
    • $8.50/month Combo Plan
    • $12.25/month VIP Plan



Top 3 Marketing Benefits of Using a Landing Page Builder

The landing page promotes brand awareness and brings the highest return on investments in digital marketing. We've also listed down the top 3 benefits as to why it is essential in marketing:

  1. It improves the effectiveness of your content. 
    Content marketing is vital in the business landscape nowadays because it creates a faster sales funnel. It guides your leads to make a better and quicker decision in purchasing your product. Having a landing page encourages them to take action.
  2. It establishes credibility.
    Page visitors often judge the site from the first glance. If they don't feel they can't trust your website, they will likely not buy your product. A landing page builder helps you create a landing page that will convince your visitor to stay on your page. It not only enables you to build a visually-appealing landing page, but it can also be personalized to deliver your brand promise and cater to your customer's needs.
  3. People leave a good impression.
    Many landing page builders can help you craft a great landing page. And if it is that good, you'll likely convert that visitor to a customer and would recommend your page once they are impressed. And if they leave you good feedback, you can use that to attract leads to sign up to your page, too. You know you can create a landing page using social proofs, don't you?

Determine the Goal of Your Landing Page

Landing pages should only have one goal, and you have to determine that before you start building one. Don't forget that you are creating an experience for every customer because with that in mind; you are allowing yourself to make the appropriate content to get your desired conversion.

Situations Where Landing Pages are Ideal:

  • If you want to target your subscribers via weekly email newsletter to the promotion you created
  • If you're going to target people on any social media platforms who follow the same business industry as yours
  • If you're going to run an Ad with a pay-per-click campaign that targets searches related to the software you're looking for
  • If you're going to re-target the same people who visited your page before that wasn't able to be converted as your customer
  • If you want to know how many people are interested in the product/services you're going to promote before actually marketing it

Every page you build can be unique and specific to your campaign, customer segments, or sales funnels. But, whatever goal you are working on in your ecommerce business, we'd say the best way to reach out to your prospective leads is by building a landing page.

What's Next?

Whether you're choosing a builder for your landing page or simply looking to make one landing page directing clients to your Shopify page, we hope this article has helped you decide which landing page builder is best for your business. 

We also hope you understand the importance of a remarkable landing page design, one that will give you conversions and one that offers features and functionality your business may need for different times of the year. Trust us when we say your existing marketing team can jump into any of these suggested apps to make a landing page launch smoothly and get conversions.

If you are still looking for the best landing page software, consider checking out our free account option. You can have leads landing on your pages and getting the best results, just like the largest ecommerce brands.