Landing Page Marketing: All About the All-In-One Software

Online-based marketing solutions, particularly all-in-one marketing systems, are rapidly growing. We want to focus on those that have great landing page software included as well.

Kate Neuer
December 15, 2022

Online-based marketing solutions, particularly all-in-one marketing systems, are rapidly growing. We want to focus on those that have great landing page software included as well. As the benefits of cloud computing keep emerging, more brands are turning to retail execution software for a variety of processes. 

Point solutions have been popular for some time. However, as brands’ tech stacks grow increasingly larger, more marketing teams are experiencing the drawbacks of needing to juggle their work across multiple platforms, especially with landing page software. Because of this, all-in-one solutions are quickly proving to be the stronger option for teams that value agility and integration in their workflows. 

Let's uncover how marketing teams and businesses overall can benefit from an all-in-one marketing system to save time, money, change how you think about marketing, and see more profitable ROI. 

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How Landing Pages Help All Businesses

Landing page builders hit the internet around 2011. No matter what you think, landing pages are vital to any business of any size, especially if they have ads on social channels and a website. That's why this growth of landing page software companies have been booming over the last few years. It's an enterprise at the top of their game, wanting to make other businesses an enterprise. 

Growth for a business depends on a generator tool that collects contacts that really will respond, open, or click on the campaigns you send out. So, how can a landing page help this business growth?


Like we mentioned, email contact lists are a need and often easy to collect with the right landing page content. But did you know you can personalize campaigns for individual contacts? 

This personalization means emails can have a contact's first name in the subject line or can be targeted to specifically what the contact was looking at (a particular product or service on your website). 

High-converting Content:

Great landing page content will entice your visitor to sign up for a newsletter, deals, or whatever else your landing page features. The creation of this should be easy, such as a free landing page template specifically designed in the builder to get people to click, landing on a perhaps another form they can quickly fill out (with email address, name, and anything else you may want to know about your audience). 

You can create great content yourself as well, but a great landing page software will help with this also. Need eye-catching images, background, banner, or gif? An enticing landing page may have any number of these to succeed at getting out the following information:

  • What your audience is lacking (what is their need?)
  • How this problem can be turned into a solution
  • What you offer that can easily be the solution
  • How the visitor can benefit by signing up for more information about your business

Businesses learn quickly that the pros and cons of doing it this way can lead to longer text to read in the landing page, but it gives more information up front. 

Build Your Brand:

How a landing page looks is another way a business can build its brand. Have a particular color scheme on your website? You can copy those features into your landing page, especially if you have an all-in-one where your website colors, images, text, and anything else you want to save can be used in your landing page builder.

This follow-through with consistent imagery, colors, etc. will solidify your brand. Once you get started on building this, the easier your audience will remember or recognize your business if they see it elsewhere, such as on a social media ad.

What Benefits and Tools an All-In-One Landing Page Can Offer

Aside from being easily accessible, an all-in-one software specifically to work on your landing pages is a great idea for all businesses. Small businesses in particular will appreciate the benefits of choosing this over managing many different programs.

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One of the leading issues of single-use applications is that not all software integrates together. The various aspects of selling at retail are connected, so incompatible software doesn't make sense in the retail world. All-in-one field execution software, on the other hand, ensures compatibility through all processes.

With this model, users can be sure all their functions work seamlessly together. Single-use solutions make you spend extra time finding more integration options. This process can limit your choices, and you may not be able to find complete compatibility at all.

An all-in-one also gives users a peace of mind when it comes to upgrades or new products/ services.  If a new, advanced feature comes out for one of the applications, you don't have to worry about the update causing compatibility problems. Since upgrades apply to the entire suite, they won't harm one function in favor of another.

Low Cost:

All-in-one solutions are also more affordable than their single-use counterparts. You may think that prices would end up being the same, since, in the end, you'd use the same amount of programs. While you may be able to find similarly-priced options for both approaches, all-in-one solutions provide several cost benefits.

All-in-one models offer increased productivity since users don't have to switch back and forth between programs. This ease of use saves time, and time is money. Employees will be able to work faster, accomplishing the same work in a tighter schedule.

A centralized suite also means a simplified pricing model. Straightforward pricing is easier for your brand to understand what they’re paying in the end, vs. having to calculate the total cost of multiple applications with different pricing models or billing cycles.


One of the most prominent benefits of online-based execution software is its scalability. If you plan on expanding your business, you'll need a software solution that can also grow. All-in-one retail execution software offers greater scalability than other models.

With an all-encompassing solution, you don't have to update each application individually. This quick scalability ensures consistent and timely performance upgrades, increasing productivity and profitability.

With all-in-one field execution software, you can scale it almost instantly, making it a more versatile solution for brands of all sizes.


Security is a priority for all cloud-based solutions. Any breaches in your field execution software's security could mean field teams lose critical data or money. Thankfully, all-in-one solutions offer safety advantages for both you and your clients.

It could be challenging to find a security solution that works consistently across multiple apps. Security measures that work wonders on a point-of-sale program may not do the same for a separate scheduling tool. With an all-encompassing execution software solution, this wouldn't be an issue.

This approach allows for consistent security measures across the entire suite, so the user can worry less and have much less to do security-wise for multiple systems.

Data Collection:

To improve the usefulness of your analytics, you need to gather more and varied information, but this can come with a few challenges. With more data points, the process of gathering or organizing things can take longer.

All-in-one retail execution software offers both diversified data and a more straightforward way to gather it. This model encompasses more processes, giving you more information, but it also provides a single pipeline for it. Analysts can get robust stats from just one execution software solution.

Everyone can benefit from this streamlined but well-rounded data gathering solution. It offers helpful insights for brands, developers and researchers alike. All of whom can have access to the data if they are made an admin or given access through either the main admin or developer.

All-In-One Landing Page Software vs Multiple Software

Let's compare an awesome marketing software solution to another. All-in-one marketing vs multiple services. For landing page software, it matters more than any other software to have the ability for page creation, cookies, an image source you can input, and data management. 

There aren't many alternatives for a simpler integration of email to your landing page builder, so you can seamlessly connect the contacts you collect from your landing pages to your email plan. This makes email automation features and tools easier to send, create content for, and therefore earn dedicated customers.

Multiple Software: 

Because of various business applications, each with its own unique requirement, many companies resort to the use of multiple software applications. One of its asserted benefits is that it allows businesses to establish better relationships with multiple software providers, which can be beneficial for the growth of the business at times. It also means that established systems will not need to be eliminated, often viewed as an expensive and time-consuming process.

it will lead into increased expenses on employee training as they educate on the use different software systems. If something goes wrong, you are dealing with multiple service departments for patches and trouble-shooting. 

This also means that the same data will most likely need to be entered multiple times within different systems, or it will only be entered in one system and you’ll have to go searching for it every time you need it.

As for the “benefit” of not needing to change, many business owners stick with what they already have simply because the idea of changing it all is a frightening endeavor. But time has shown us that doing the same thing just because change is hard, won’t help you stay competitive in the long run. 

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Through having a single system, high levels of efficiency and productivity can be achieved. One of its most significant benefits is that it provides a single point of control, which means that there is a single source of data and there will be no redundancy.

An all-in-one enterprise software is also beneficial because it means minimal IT maintenance, easier upgrades, reduction in cost, and reduced training for all users. It also promotes data integrity because data will only be entered in a single location.

What Tools Should You Look for in a Landing Page Builder?

Landing pages need a lot of content options in their builders to make each user happy. If you're one of those people to use a limited software for landing page creation, some vital tools could be missing.

Let's check out some of the content that is commonly missing from even dedicated landing page builders. We wouldn't want you to have to get another landing page builder in order to integrate email and cookies, would we? What would be the point of an all-in-one? That's why you should double check to see if you can utilize these things.

Ability to Reply to Contacts Automatically

This email automation is huge for landing pages. Sure, you can collect contacts through a landing page, but an immediate reply to a new lead adds credibility and lead or customer satisfaction. 

This is why an all-in-one is so important. It makes marketing communication simpler if your email application is also included in the same software you use for building landing pages (and possibly your website too). 

One major benefit to the "instant reply" is that you can quickly get someone to click, landing on a product page or wherever you need your lead to land. This will help you see a quicker sale, making the marketing software worth it with a higher ROI. 

For example: A business may advertise a discount if someone signs up through their landing page. Once a potential customer submits their email and gets a quick reply, they can immediately go to their email since they WANT the discount immediately. Why? Because it's already on the person's mind that they will likely buy something since they have the discount given to them so soon. 

Ability to Add Cookies Banner

Essential cookies are necessary for your landing page to function. These cookies provide essential website services to the landing page visitor.

You can notify and receive consent from page visitors by placing a cookie banner on each of your landing pages. Adding this cookie banner to your landing page(s) can help you be compliant with the GDPR.

[cookie banner image]

Once the cookie banner is turned on for your landing page, page visitors will have the option to consent to the use of cookies or not to accept the use of cookies.

The cookie banner is not an account-wide setting. The cookie banner needs to be enabled on each landing page you create. 

Software Choices for Building Landing Pages

Businesses don't always have to opt for a premium solution or get the latest launch of a popular software to see results from a really great lead generator. The best landing page builder for you could really be an all-in-one.

Let's talk about the cons of each of the different software alternatives that offer all-in-one landing page software. We will then compare each by listing the pros of each. 


Hubspot makes a variety of tools for digital marketers and salespeople, but we are big fans of their landing page tool. Hubspot is an enterprise marketing solution that has an excellent solution for creating landing pages.

They describe their marketing service as: everything you need to launch effective marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer.

Especially if you’re a SaaS company, real estate company, or marketing agency, Hubspot is an awesome platform to manage your landing pages, CRM, email marketing, and a whole lot more. This means, unfortunately, that it is geared a little bit more towards certain industries.


  • Captures leads with forms in an easy format
  • Email marketing and automation
  • A/B testing
  • Blog & content creation tools
  • SEO & content strategy features
  • Complete paid marketing suite for Facebook, Google, etc.
  • They literally make everything you’ll ever need to succeed in marketing — from CRM to email marketing



Instapage allows you to create stunning, on-brand, mobile-responsive landing pages from one of 200+ templates. No developer needed.

Instapage is incredibly powerful. It’s a simple drag-and-drop landing page builder that creates pixel-perfect pages. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive. As such, it’s more of a large company and agency tool.

It takes about 2 minutes to set up and it has an extremely user-friendly, customizable editor, which will undoubtedly earn you more leads, cheaper.


  • A/B testing (at higher pricing tiers)
  • Heatmaps (at higher pricing tiers)
  • Ability to add custom code to pages
  • Real-Time Visual On-Page Collaboration
  • AMP & Thor Render Engine®
  • Built-in Heatmaps
  • Global Blocks for universal content changes
  • Incredibly fast load times, which should improve your bounce rates, and increase your conversion rate



TruVISIBILITY prides itself on being a tool for all email, landing page, and website needs... for free. For life! They do have a premium account that really is for growing businesses that need a little more data management since these larger businesses have, well, more data and contacts.

Like Unbounce, they are always upgrading features in each tool they offer, such as their email app, websites, landing pages, and even their latest Blogs app that specifically is a builder for writing. Bloggers and website owners alike can use the tool to write in, add images, whatever is needed. 

The pricing is based on a month-to-month billing like most of the other software choices on this list. With the free account plans, however, this is hardly a concern compared to other software. Here are a few pros of TruVISIBILITY's tools, which are plentiful. 


  • Easy to learn drag 'n drop builder
  • A/B testing
  • High-converting templates for all email, website, and landing page apps
  • Easy to learn
  • Dynamic keyword insertion for SEM campaigns
  • Can add sticky headers and popups to pages
  • Add maps, scripts and pixels to landing pages
  • You can do pretty advanced design functions like putting gradient colors on buttons, compressing images to make load time faster, giving images opacity, and almost anything else you can think of.
  • Clone and edit entire pages
  • AMP mobile pages
  • Incredibly fast load times, which should improve your bounce rates, and increase your conversion rate
  • Can integrate cookies
  • WordPress integration
  • Free data management and analysis for all applications


There are unlimited possibilities with their pricing plans as well. They have a great cost generator tool if you have a larger company and want to send to more and more contacts as the business grows. This way you can see what your price will be like if you want to send emails to 100,000 people, for example, but only need one webpage.

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Overall, the pricing cannot be beat, the reviews are promising, so it's great for all business sizes that may want more free perks and options. It doesn't hurt that it's a service plan that is rivaling a top enterprise like Instapage. 


ClickFunnels does not have a free plan. Instead, ClickFunnels focuses on an even better philosophy of providing simple landing page and email automation integrations.

It’s not at the top of the list because it’s not quite a landing page software — as much as it’s a full website + marketing funnel in one. ClickFunnels is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs selling a course or consulting service on the internet and want landing pages, email nurtures, and payment solutions in one… which means it’s very much for entrepreneurs.


  • Several out-of-the-box “ClickFunnels” (templates)
  • Capture leads with forms in an easy format
  • Email marketing and email automation
  • Build sales pages and collect payments



Unbounce was the first landing page builder software. It's like Mailchimp for landing page creation. You could actually say they invented the category. Funny enough, Mailchimp has a landing page builder, too, but reviews conclude that they are too pricey to have as an all-in-one software. No matter how much personalization can go into them.

It’s perfect for optimizing performance marketing campaigns, creating “coming soon” pages, capturing emails on-site, and describing those hard-to-explain elements of your product offering.

Unbounce continues to add features too. They recently launched a “conversion intelligence suite” that uses AI to inform landing pages, so that your ad spend goes further. 

The cost is a little higher but seems to be for unlimited time, meaning prices are unlikely to rise as long as you have the software. Overall, it is a great tool for all landing page and email needs.


  • A/B testing
  • Dynamic keyword insertion for SEM campaigns
  • Can add sticky headers and popups to pages
  • Add maps, scripts and pixels to landing pages
  • You can do pretty advanced design functions like putting gradient colors on buttons, compressing images to make load time faster, giving images opacity, and almost anything else you can think of.
  • Clone and edit entire pages
  • AMP mobile pages
  • Incredibly fast load times, which should improve your bounce rates, and increase your conversion rate
  • WordPress integration


Every tool on this list I consider to be a fully drag-and-drop solution. Click landing sites or pages should have an easy creation process no matter which software fits your needs or wants.

So, why is TruVISIBILITY a great choice? You are able to reply to its staff for a personalized experience. You can chat with a representative to decide on a great price point as well as your desired outcomes and expectations. They are willing to work with any business and won't turn anyone away based on price since the platform is built for all pricing.

Businesses can also save time working with the simple Messaging app and page builder for their website or one of their landing pages... or multiple landing pages! 

What's Next for Landing Page Marketing?

Don't want to learn coding? The best option for a landing page builder is to ensure you don't need to know any coding or have one ounce technical knowledge. There are alternatives to this old-school type of landing page builder! It all depends on the features you need, the landing page builder software you choose, and the month-to-month plan you agree to.

Want to learn how to manage a website builder? Here's the plan: check out this post here to get started and build a website to put your landing page on!

If you're like most people into marketing, you'll want to post ads on Facebook or some other social channel. You can do that with TruVISIBILITY's platform as well.

Dedicated, available team members are ready to consult with you so you can get started on the best marketing plan. And if you want a bit more hands off approach, you can start using the platform for free by clicking below.

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