July 4th Marketing Ideas: Tips for July Marketing Campaigns

Need help getting started with July 4th campaign ideas? From email to landing pages, we have tips to gain customers this independence day.

Kate Neuer
June 16, 2022

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, marks a celebratory day where people across the U.S. commemorate America’s beginnings as an independent nation. It’s also a time primed for small businesses to attract more customers and increase their sales. This is, in part, because people gather together to celebrate the occasion, whether to eat food or watch fireworks. And when people get together, there is something every gathering has in common: it needs stuff. Parties need plates, food and drinks, fireworks to set off at home, outdoor or miscellaneous home supplies. Maybe even a new outfit or two. 

Even if a business owner doesn't believe they are have any value to offer for the holiday, that simply isn't true. Since most people will be keeping eyes out for deals, they will inevitably land their eyes on a deal they may not have been searching for to begin with. But that doesn't mean they won't stumble upon the online store and add a favorite item or two to their cart.

Every business, whether they offer services or just have an ecommerce store, should be able to see the value they can offer to enhance the holiday for potential customers. We have some tips for your July 4th marketing strategies, including email marketing campaigns, creating a free business page, and directing a July blowout sale through chatbots. Let's begin giving your business inspiration this July 4th!



Table of Contents

Top 4th of July Marketing Ideas for Email Messaging

Be a reminder to your subscribers that the 4th of July is coming up. And using the specific date in the email subject line is the way to do it. It will create a sense of urgency or FOMO (fear of missing out) among your readers, and will ultimately drive people to open your emails. Whether you have a contract service business, an online store to run, or a free Nextdoor business (advertising small businesses on the Nextdoor app), you're sure to love these email campaign ideas for the 4th of July. 


Promotion Ideas

Subject lines are key, and you should focus on making a great subject line of the email that highlights your promotion. Some promotion ideas could include:

  • 4th of July Weekend Special: Free Shipping Over $50, Coupons, and More!
  • LAST DAY to Grab Independence Day Special Offers.
  • 24 hours until these Independence Day deals run out!
  • Buy 3 items, get the 4th free only this July 4th weekend!

Notice these ideas not only make you want to read more about the specifics of the deals, but there is urgency to them. There is also some fun holiday language making it immediately clear when the sale is, which in this case is around July 4th.

Specific July Fourth Email Campaigns 

If you want promotions specifically around July 4th, make it clear in the subject line and preheader line. Luckily, we don't mean you have to have a sale just one the day when most people will be gathering, shooting off fireworks, and NOT shopping. You can run your marketing for the entire month of July. But you should mention that your deals are for July 4th. This will ensure that most shoppers will be buying into this July marketing at the beginning to middle of the month.

Deciding What Day to Send Campaigns

This may require some A/B testing, which means testing how successful your marketing was for July in the past year or two. Generally, starting July 4th email marketing a week before the sale is a safe bet. Make sure to promote the fun of the holiday with reminder emails and fun language, such as:

  • "The countdown to these explosive deals are coming soon!"
  • "This sale is as American as apple pie."
  • "Don't shoot off the fireworks yet, get these X items before they're gone."

For holidays, in general, it's good to get customers excited about a promotion, so sending a few (but not too many) emails is a good idea. Promote gifts for July 4th for those who are going to someone's home to celebrate. There, ideally, can be 3 emails: one to hype up the subscriber of deals coming soon, one the day the sale begins, and one reminder email to alert the subscriber of when the deal will end. You can have optional "last minute deals" or "extended period of the sales" to give subscribers one last chance to take part in the deals.

Top 4th of July Marketing Strategies for Landing Pages

Landing pages are very important to collect email addresses to send July 4th marketing to in the first place. What is great about landing pages is that you can get people to land on them and learn about your brand from social media pages. Something else that is great is that those who like your social pages are likely to share any great deals they see in a post. Any social post can be very similar to your landing page.

The difference between your landing page for a holiday and a social post is the type of content. The message will be similar, but you will need a great, enticing form to get visitors to sign up for your July 4th deals.


Advertising Your Business

Landing pages are not just to grab customers to buy things from you, though this may be your main goal. You also need to grow your leads and customers. Brand recognition is just as important during the 4th of July sales season since most brands focus on marketing for the larger holidays, such as the winter holidays. 

Landing pages are a great way to get your business seen. This means including other ideas to spread the word of your deals. Offer to give an extra percentage off for any lead who also gets a friend to sign up for your business's sales. This is an easy way to advertise what your business offers and is all about as well as giving away more coupon deals for the July sales season.

Actions After You Lead Potential Customers to Your Page

Giving your leads content is important, and the best thing about landing pages is that they can include all types of media. Businesses can include short videos or gifs to advertise their promotional products or even post images of specific items each of the customers are looking for, such as shirts or home decor. You can tailor each landing page based on the location from where the lead clicked. If the lead came from a social ad for a July sales event, then you should definitely include fireworks and U.S. flag imagery in the landing page.


But what do you do after the lead is on your page? The obvious answer: make sure the potential customers know where to sign up for deals. Make it clear to them that they know what value they will get in return. Will they get a coupon for 50% any one item? Will their coupon expire July 5th? This information is important to note for any Independence Day promotion. Remember that a call-to-action button, such as "submit" is still important after they have filled out a form. 

Decide where your potential customers will go after the form is submitted. Maybe to your July sales page on your site? Customers like to be guided through the sales process if they are to buy anything.

Top Independence Day Promotion Tips for Chatbots

Chatbots are built for many reasons. To help share information about your brand to visitors. To show us how to navigate a site or offer customer support. They can even help us with marketing needs. Brands of all kinds can subtly share marketing content that potential customers will love to get. Who doesn't like seeing a coupon offer pop up for certain products for the fourth of July? Check out what it takes to make chatbots a good opportunity to boost sales for this summer holiday.

What Messages to Include

Can these potential customers benefit from knowing about the upcoming holiday sale? If so, get these visitors to view the products that will be on sale or that are already on sale. Use messaging that entices the visitor to buy something, but make your brand seem fit for July 4th deals with fun language and questions.

  • "Do you need gifts this 4th of July?"
  • "Are you celebrating this holiday seasons?"
  • "Are you interested in our limited time July 4th products?"

Where to Direct Customers

Make sure your chatbot has a clear call-to-action button for the visitor to click on. Before you create this dialogue, decide where you would like your potential customer to go based on the conversation. If your customer needs help finding umbrellas or outdoor furniture, make sure to take them to the correct sale page for those items. 

Specifically for your 4th of July campaign, if you want to advertise your July deals, it's a good idea to direct site visitors to those pages. If you have someone who hasn't signed up on a social channel before, direct them to your landing page. The landing page should, as mentioned before, have a form to collect their address and other personal information. Don't forget to add fun details of your holiday sale as well!

Tools for Fourth of July Campaigns

To create your own free marketing campaign for July 4th, you will need to create a template (or use an email, page, or chatbot template from a platform of your choice), design unique graphics to showcase your deals, and make sure you have the ability to deploy or launch the campaigns on time every time. 


TruVISIBILITY can offer any kind of business every tool they need for their campaigns. With their all-in-one suite, you can create a free business page (or landing page) with abundant templates as well as set up free email campaigns. The thorough contact grouping options help you manage address segments and email automation.

Known for the chatbot creation tools, you can choose from various templates to get your specific July marketing campaigns known to visitors who not only visit your site but those who visit your social media channels also. This will help boost your social media marketing. You can deploy ads and video to your landing pages just as you would on your social pages. For every platform TruVISIBILITY offers, there are templates and a helpful source to promote your products if you choose to create them from scratch.


Speaking of ads, there are many things you can do with printed ads, including making fliers or designing graphics for all types of promotions. Printful is a print-on-demand company that makes any sizes of printed products for every business. What is great about this company is that the printed items can also be saved as a pdf for your to share on social media pages, landing pages, as well as graphics in your email campaigns for the 4th of July.


Canva is different from Printful because it is a business that can create custom graphics for Facebook, Twtitter, social posts, or even a custom sign to print. Though they don't focus on printed material, their commerce is meant to build up businesses, letting them create Independence Day sale marketing ideas through design. 

No matter which platform you use for all types of marketing, you should be able to save and use your Canva creations on your pages, emails, and even chatbots.

What's Next?

After going over the tips of July fourth marketing with us, we hope you find the management of creating holiday campaigns easy and even fun! You can have a local business or products that can be sent all over the world and still benefit from these ideas.

Want to make an email design for free? Try your hand at TruVISIBILITY's Messaging app and get hundreds of emails sent for free.