How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Learn some of the ways you can drive more traffic to your landing page for the non-tech savvy and tech-savvy alike.

Kate Neuer
September 27, 2021


The Importance of Landing Page Traffic

We know a landing page is pertinent in receiving a lead's email, name, or any other information that could be useful to a business. You can likely get a potential customer's email by offering something valuable for free. Once you have this information, you can contact this lead with some strategic email marketing to boost sales on products or services.

Every business can drive traffic to its landing page through various strategies. We will go over each possible step, keeping in mind that not all growing businesses may have a tech-savvy employee on hand. Don't worry. Many of these are extremely easy to accomplish.

Who Needs to Keep Up with Landing Page Traffic

You may ask yourself who should keep track of the traffic from your landing page. What would these people do with this information and with whom should they share it?

The owner of any business should be kept in loop about the landing page traffic. Everyone in charge of marketing or sales should also be aware of or have access to the landing page traffic along with their regular traffic of social media pages, webinars, etc.

The marketing team will generally present traffic data to the business owner to mainly determine two things:

  • To see how well their ROI (return on investment) is with regards to paying for a web host, website designer, etc.
  • And to determine if a change in the text, the copy, or content on your landing page should be adjusted to target a more specific audience or broader audience.

The last group of people you may want to bring into the loop are your landing page designers. If your business is smaller, this role may have gone to someone in your marketing team. Your landing page design will get people engaged and excited to enter their personal information. 

If you don't have a specialist working on your landing page, don't be afraid to take a look at some great examples online. Below is an example of ckbk's landing page, which specifically asks for a voucher number. Not all landing pages simply ask for a lead's name and email!


Track Landing Page Clicks with or without Cookies

Another important factor to remember about your landing page or landing pages - yes, you can have multiple for different purposes - is tracking the page's traffic with or without cookies.

What is cookies exactly? Cookies are files created by websites you visit from day to day. These cookies are helpful to save a visitor's browsing information, such as passwords, remember your site history, etc. 

If your landing page will have the option to keep a customer or lead signed in already to your website, cookies may be a good option to use on your website. But wouldn't it be difficult to track your landing page traffic without cookies, then? Not necessarily!

So many browsers are strengthening their privacy protections, so it may be difficult to track people and their activities on your landing page. This means tracking your traffic with cookies enabled could be more of a challenge than simply deleting cookies altogether. So, how do you go about tracking your landing page without cookies?

Consider programs that will explain how to use their software to make your landing page cookie-less. One great example is ThriveTracker, which has a comprehensive guide to create a landing page without cookies using their code. We promise you can do this even if you are not code-savvy. The helpful thing with this type of software is their ability to help you track mobile traffic as well as organic traffic!

Reach People in Your Network with Digital Marketing

We bet you never considered your family a part of your professional network, but why not let them help you out? They can act as customers and help boost social media likes, comment on your website, and much more. You can do the same by reaching out to friends. Ask your employees if they feel comfortable reaching out to friends and family. Expand your network to have them expand your business. 

You may also want to consider reaching to communities, online and in person to spread the word about your business, giving you the chance to drive them to your landing page. Let's go into detail of how to expand your network for each type of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

There are countless ways to elevate traffic to your landing pages by displaying your landing page in any online crevice you can find. Sometimes the best place is in your email marketing strategy.

Some people may have already signed up for a newsletter. But have they signed up to download an e-book? Have they entered their address into your system to receive a workout kit? We think you're understanding what we're getting at. Any click to your landing page will help drive traffic, noise, awareness of what your business offers.

Another thing to keep in mind is to be creative with your email marketing. Be clever when sliding in your landing page in the body of the email blast. If a subscriber clicks within the email, they are clicking your landing page.

Remember that any image or media can be embedded into your email. Want to add an image or screenshot of your landing page in the email? Great! You can even hyperlink your landing page to that image. This way, subscribers will actually think they are clicking on your landing page within the email.

Or you can go down the easy road and simple put as many call-to-action buttons in your email campaign as you'd like. These call-to-actions can follow a great call-to-action button that advertises brand new content, and updates of products or services. 

Here's an example of a preview of a landing page (that took us to the actual landing page) in an email newsletter.


Social Media Marketing

Placing landing page links throughout your social media channels is smart to get the attention of people. You can grab the customers you are targeting who want exactly what you're offering. Follow pages from these sites that are in your industry to see how they place their landing pages:

  • Twitter 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube 
  • Spotify (podcasting)

Taboola goes into great detail of how to continue to drive traffic to your landing page by participating in forums and monitoring your social media comments. Check out this source here.

Calls to Action

Your call-to-action button should generally be linked to your landing page. You will see traffic skyrocket if you put these buttons everywhere. This is considered one of the best inbound marketing strategies out there. You can place them:

  • In social media ads
  • Around your website 
  • In your blog articles

Thank You Pages

Create a "thank you" page to confirm subscription or submission of customer's email. You've probably seen these pop up after submitting your address to get free dinner recipes online. Sometimes it is just a thank you page. Sometimes it also has an option to take you to another landing page to get something else from you, oftentimes because it's offering a better deal on dessert recipes too!

Here is what you can do with a "thank you" page and email messages. Make sure to make an automation email to thank leads for their email and inform them of the type of things they can expect to see from you. 

Within these pages, ask for a referral if the contact knows someone who will want to sign up. Possibly offer discount for doing so. For both the person referring and the person getting the referral!

Promote Your Landing Page

By placing links in the comments section of websites isn't necessarily considered a landing page promotion. If you want to deliberately promote and drive traffic to your landing pages, here are three solid ideas for doing so. You may also drive traffic to your website as well! Follow through with one or more of these in order to get regular people to become loyal customers. 


Get your name out there by holding contests and placing your landing page buttons in online contest pages. These contest pages could be online ads that you decide to pay for or social media pages. 

Think beyond Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social pages for contests. Target the type of people you believe will benefit from your service. If you want to target certain audiences about home ownership, hold a contest for free access to your real estate listings.

Other contest ideas for businesses include:

  • Free access for 6 months or a year to a software program if they publicly state on social media their worst software experience. This gives you a chance to also respond to common complaints and explain why your product is different.
  • Money contests, like $50 to $500 credit to spend online or in-store for products. Clothing companies will do this often, asking contestants to post pictures of themselves on instagram wearing the company's fashion while including the company's hashtag. 
  • Free creative writing e-book guide or individual, personalized lessons to customers who submit novels written on the company's software. This entices people to buy the software in order to enter the contest. 

Have no clue where people go to view contests? Look at forums on reddit or subscribe to a competing business to see how they advertise any contests. Their landing page or a link to their landing page is usually attached to most of their email marketing. 



When you think of events in the digital space, you may wonder how this can drive traffic to your page. In fact, most visitors of sites will visit for the first time because they are interested in an upcoming event. Have you ever signed up specifically for a short course or webinar to learn something new? 

The idea behind events is to entice people during or after your webinar or other event to subscribe to your email list, follow you on Facebook, click on the ads on your different pages, all of which can bring in revenue. But this funnel first starts with your landing page, so it's important to advertise these special events and drive traffic there. Here are some ideas on how to do this:

  • Place landing page sign up options in webinars, whether on the screen or as a source link in the group chat available. Whenever people have questions, you can always refer them to sign up to your newsletter or something else of value to them through your landing page.
  • Make landing page available in live videos. Same concept as above, but you aren't using Zoom or WebEx to chat with your audience during these events. Simply place a link to your landing page in the comments section and account profile if you decide to use YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook for streaming live videos.

Wondering what events you want to hold to draw people in? If you have enough social media accounts, you'll know that people with all kinds of businesses and hobbies hold webinars to discuss pop culture topics, win prizes at trivia games, participate in educational lectures, etc. Here are some events you could hold:

  • An educational meet and greet with audiences. Entice people to join by having giveaways (of a product or service) periodically throughout the event. For example, let's say your company focuses on email marketing automation. You could give six months free service to a select few lucky people.
  • Discussion Webinars. These types of webinars will give you multiple chances to up your marketing game. You can hold discussions about marketing automation, for example, and give tips on how to write wonderful email copy. But you can also interact with your leads, taking note of what they like in a software and what they hate. This way, you can use this dialogue in your marketing copy to make sure the people you drive to your landing page are investing in platforms they like. It's all about picking out the magic keyword or two.
  • Giveaways. You can have giveaways in any event to entice leads to sign up for anything you're advertising. People love free stuff. But you can independently announce a giveaway and gain support from an influencer to drive people to your event and landing page as well. 
  • Contests. You can hold a live contest that you decide to stream on video or simply by tweeting on Twitter. If you use the right hashtags, your contest could go viral on other social channels, such as Tik Tok. Some contest ideas include asking audiences to submit photos of themselves in the fashion you sell. The images that best represent your business could win a gift card to your store! Bonus points if they use the hashtags required to enter. This gives you another marketing edge. Using social channels is a great idea in order to attach your landing page in the description of the contest. You can even have people sign up for the contest through your landing page. 

Consider unconventional ways of using these four tactics to get your landing page seen. Consider UpViral when thinking of how to get leads. They advertise contests or sweepstakes, host giveaways for you, and even offer a waitlist for you to build a customer base before you launch your business.

Guest Blogging

Some platforms, like Hubspot who started with blogging, still specialize in blogging. But it's important to have a blog on your own site. Don't redirect people to a separate page, even if you got a click on your landing page. The goal of having a guest blogger is to drive more eyes to your blog. Because what is often found throughout your blog posts? Your landing page!

If you want to cross into a new chapter of marketing, learn to connect with influencers. Especially those who have a strong following. Whether or not you post an article every week or month, influencers don't have to do the same thing you are doing. The influencer or guest blogger you network with can drive traffic even if they are Instagram or Facebook celebrities. 

How do you get started choosing an influencer? Choose someone who is established in your industry. Next, determine if this person or people can write a little something for your blog. If they can't, see if they are available for an interview. The more you advertise your collaboration with a better-known guest, the more leads you'll drive traffic to your landing page. 

What if you don't have space on any of your content for a guest blogger? Or perhaps no one has agreed to blog on your sites. If either of these are the case, then you're about to be amazed at the traffic to your landing page when you offer to guest blog for someone else.

What's possibly better than having a guest blogger boost their own landing page on your blog article? Having YOUR landing page advertised on an influential blog post. And all because you agreed to guest blog. We've listed below a few industries that often have guest bloggers, but any industry who is in the digital space can use this tactic to get traffic to any of your sites.

  • Baking or cooking blogs will share each other's recipes.
  • Makeup or fashion blogs often give advice and tips.
  • Software or business-to-business companies will collaborate to give input on a topic within each other's blog articles.
  • Local business, such as a gym and spa, can combine to talk about the benefits of health. They can even offer corresponding deals, advertised on their landing page, which pulls in more traffic. 

You can get as creative as you like with guest blogging since the content that's online is as diverse as your leads. Remember, if you want to have better landing page traffic, offer something of value to the lead. Free items are always coveted when they are advertised in an article. 

Search Advertising

Also called search engine marketing, search advertising (think Google) is where you pay for every click that takes someone to your landing page. This will likely put your page near the top of the search pages.

Go ahead and look up a topic. Chances are good there will be the top 5 searches with the word "Ad" next to the website name. This means that person is paying for ads. You can do this as well if you believe your ROI will be worth it in the end to have people click on your landing page. 

We suggest paying for these clicks with adwords, by Google. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing search advertising:

  • You will be bidding with others to get your landing page up there on the search page list. 
  • You can have ads placed on search engines like Google Search and non-search websites and mobile apps.

This is not always the cheapest way to get people to click on your landing page, but it is a sure-fire way of getting someone to see your content. It's just a matter of when and how many times people click on your page. 

The Importance of an Eye-Catching Landing Page

The best advice we can give in creating an eye-catching landing page is research. Search google for the top landing pages of your competitors. How do they navigate their marketing? Do they use original artwork or photographs around their landing page and website? Do their websites and landing pages match in style, brand, and message?

You will want to create a marketing strategy like your competitors, but not exactly alike. You must make your own brand. Are the best landing pages from your industry those with bright colors or do they have a simple design?

Landing Page Content

Let's go over a few content ideas you can have on your landing page. You've probably seen enough landing pages by now without even realizing it, so you will have an eye for images, backgrounds, colors, and types of content that are attractive. We recommend doing a search for your competition's landing pages to see what you can do better.

Here's an example of a well thought-out landing page with a relevant background and valuable content that speaks to their target audience.


Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a way for you to strategically place keywords on your page so that Google will recognize your page as a top contender among your competitors. Let's go over some tips when optimizing your page.

A landing page is not filled with a lot of text since its purpose is to have your audience fill out a form. This makes it hard to add the right keywords when you don't have many words to write in the first place. But you can easily do it! Let's say you sell specialty cooking supplies like pots and pans. The words and phrases someone would search are:

  • Specialty pots and pans
  • Cooking supplies 
  • Specialty cooking supplies

Next, add more specific words on your landing page that would go along with these keywords above. Perhaps people would search "What are specialty pots and pans?" or "Where can I buy specialty cooking supplies?". You can then draw in the traffic who ask these questions to have a higher chance of conversion. e

Repurpose Your Content to Drive Traffic

You may have heard about repurposing in DIY crafts, and repurposing digital content isn't much different from turning a tennis racket into a mirror. Here are some ideas on how to change your current content and spread it on more channels and platforms.

Blogs into Videos

Going back to our cooking blog example, how many times have you read an article but have seen they have the same content in a video?

Businesses and bloggers will do this to draw traffic to their page from other sites where they've placed their videos. Not every platform will allow you to publish an entire blog post, but a short video of cupcake content will catch the eye of someone who is on another page.

Blog Articles into Newsletters

Let's go back to the blog article example. Let's say you want to advertise this a bit more because it is full of valuable content and highlights buttons to your landing page.

Newsletters are a great way to not only directly place buttons to get traffic to your page directly, but it can be all about the newest blog post, which undoubtedly should have links to your landing page scattered throughout.

Blogs into E-books

Blogs can be turned into longer documents, like an e-book, to be offered on landing page. This type of page you're building will be similar to other e-book landing pages. People want to get a source that will thoroughly answer their questions and make life easier. 

If you already have a long blog article or multiple blog articles, putting them together in an e-book will likely be a great way to support your business. Especially if it's free and can be read on multiple platforms. 

Make Your Landing Page Mobile-Friendly

Drive traffic via mobile devices. Whatever post you made about cooking a fancy dinner using your business' utensils will have a landing page on it. And what if someone can't view the landing page when they click on it because they are using their cell or tablet? That would get you nowhere. 

Depending on your industry, most searches will be related to your business on mobile devices. Health-related searches are widely done on cellphones. Search how most people go about searching for your industry. 

Make sure images and ads show up correctly. It's easy to run an ad image or video when the screen is only half visible. If you have trouble finding support to help place your page online, there are numerous website platforms to help you view what your landing page will look like on all channels.

TruVISIBILITY's Pages app is designed specifically for landing pages with an option to adjust elements and content of your page for mobile users. Check it out below.



We hope this has inspired you to share your landing page anywhere humanly possibly. You can see the importance of having an SEO-friendly landing page that will make Google happy as well as the importance of driving traffic to your landing page.

The more traffic you have, the better your CRM (customer relationship management) will be. You are sure to soon see your list of contacts improve and conversion rates rise as you choose what to do with all these new eyes getting information about your company.

If you are concerned about the look of your landing page, don't fret! You can always do A/B testing to figure out what is working and what is turning people off. TruVISIBILITY has some great landing page templates that are high-converting and can be modified to fit any kind of business. Check them out below.