How to Build a Landing Page with Email Automation

You have a form on your landing page or a call-to-action button. Awesome start! Now you need to make sure your contacts get an automated message for filing out the form!

Kate Neuer
March 08, 2022


The Connection Between the Best Landing Pages and Email Marketing Automation

The main goal of each landing page may be different, but landing pages are primarily for collecting a lead's information. But what do you do with their information? You can keep it in your contact list for future marketing campaigns or holiday announcements. 

This is not always the most efficient way to convert leads. That's why automating a message almost immediately upon receiving a lead's email address is vital. The email marketing strategy relies strongly on automated email capabilities. So, how do you combine your landing page form to an automated email message to the new contact?

We'll cover the email marketing software that is combined with landing page software so you don't have to worry about integrating several different apps. We know it's overwhelming with all the options out there to create landing pages, but let us make it easier on you by going over how to connect email marketing to your landing page as well as deciding among the many options to get.

We'll go over other options, but the best bet is to get a software with an all-in-one-suite, like TruVISIBILITY's collection of apps that can help expedite the process of connecting your email message to a form on your landing page. Check it out!


Table of Contents

The Best Kinds of Free Apps for Landing Page and Email Marketing Incorporation

Why go through the difficulty of integrating an email message from Mailchimp with a page from Instapage? Now if you are going to choose an all-in-one app, let us guide you with some details about the different kinds of landing page builders first.

The Best Landing Page Builder for Ecommerce

The best landing pages for ecommerce are those with a background image or brand color and have the call-to-action button as the main focus. The best landing page software and templates, like those on Mailchimp, guide you to make a form attached to the CTA button.

Some apps will allow you to link out to any page you like. As you read further, you'll learn why it's not a good idea to direct visitors to your homepage. Instead, a clear form that asks for some (but not too much) information from the lead, and it should give information or value for the lead.

Our example of FabFitFun's landing page is simple enough and gives us a clear indication of what we will receive by hitting the call-to-action (CTA) button. CTA buttons are vital features to have for your landing page.


Learn more about landing page builders specifically for ecommerce here.

The Best Landing Page Builder for Services

We have the perfect example of a dental clinic who took advantage of all the features right off the bat. They considered the tools they had for a landing page and decided to directly place their form on one of their landing pages. 

Note that the example below also gives a clear indication of what reply the lead will get. The image source also is well thought out as it signifies immediately what service and deals the lead can partake in by signing up.


So what are the differences between each landing page? Generally, services need more information from a lead to confirm their interests or needs from the business, their zip code or area code, and much more than just an email. But there are no hard and fast rules!

Services and products can be advertised in landing pages the same way and strategy by picking the best features that will capture a lead.

How to Pick the Best Landing Page Builder to Get You Leads

Getting a lead starts with targeting the right audience. That's why when you create a custom landing page, you should be aware of every click the lead will want to take. Each step, or sales funnel, people go through should not be strenuous and should have clear intention. This should be the case for your image, image source, and text. Not just your form.

Here are a few things to make sure you can create the best webpage with a landing page builder. Whether you decide to get a package deal with your landing page software or now, we'll cover the apps that have the following tools.


This widget is very important for a landing page because it's the entire reason for building one in the first place... to get a lead. It's one of the fastest ways to convert a lead as well since, honestly, this form may be one of the first impressions a potential customer has on your business.

It's great when forms are simply blocks you can drag on a page to see exactly where you'd like it to go. Make sure you create one that fits your business' message.

Trigger Email Marketing

Okay, triggers are more so one of the features in email marketing. Knowing this, you may think you only have to worry about having these options in your email automation tools. What people don't know is that a trigger option will appear in your landing page builder.

Any Google search will tell you that triggers align with your email marketing by aiding email automation. They do this by following a condition you set in your interface (the email builder) that triggers the action to send a particular email message to a contact.

Bottom line, you need triggers to ensure your emails are 'funneling' leads into a sales funnel by giving a reply to every contact that gives up their information.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation should be more than sending a marketing message to every tag that is triggered. Marketing automation helps to automate sales team notifications, nurture drip campaigns, and use analytics to change anything for every stage of your campaigns. 

This ensures your marketing team is free to build the impressive landing pages you want as well as plan and design the emails your business needs to send.

What to Look for when Choosing the Best Builder

When we are talking about landing pages for specific sales or leads to give up their email addresses, you need to look for a few things in these builders. 

  • Make sure landing page creation has an option to connect an automated email message.
  • Possibly look for a free trial or free A/B testing to ensure leads will get automatic marketing from your business.
  • Make sure the creation of the page is simple with either a drag 'n drop tool where you can simply add blocks to the page instead of coding exactly every size of every widget you need.
  • You'll want to link out to other sites as well, especially your webpage that is NOT your homepage (more on that later).
  • If you plan to skip a free trial period and go right into paying for an app, look into the reviews to see what people think of the builder interface.

We'll go over more tools like analytics and easy click to call links within the text of your landing page later as well.

How to Connect Email with Your Landing Page Builder

So how exactly do you connect an email message to your landing page? To save yourself and your marketing team time, your landing page must immediately recognize any given email address and send a particular email message to new leads once their addresses are received.

Also, you may have multiple landing pages that serve different purposes, such as one for current customers or new buyers who are already subscribed to your list but haven't viewed a new product or service yet. This new service may have a different marketing campaign or funnel that needs to be opened by your current audience.

Your landing page builder and email messaging app should correspond with each other so that older customers are not getting messages intended for your new leads.

Every landing page builder and email marketing app is different, so let's just go over the vital steps you need to take to integrate your email message with a landing page.

Put Contacts into Groups

Going back to the current customer list and new leads list, you can see why it's important to separate the two types of people. Easily name or title each group so you can remember which are the new and which are older or which are the best, loyal customers.

For example, you can even name the new email addresses "New Leads". Or you can create a list of contacts who have put in their email address a few times on different landing pages and title this group "Repeat Audience". 

Whichever you decide, most apps will require to save your list or group. And definitely remember to save any triggers (such as your landing page form) that are connected to that list. This will be one of the tools.

Create Your Landing Page

This is the creative part. Thanks to better app developers, people can create a custom landing page with as little or as much creativity as they want.

Here are the main things to look out for when making a landing page with email automation. 

Choose Template

You can choose a template based on certain color themes or, what we most likely recommend, choose one based on the type of message or advertisement you're seeking. 

Yes, it's important to look at themes when targeting a particular audience, but you can also add these colors in the editor yourself. Overall, look for a template that doesn't require you to learn a lot if you are one who feels the need to use a template.

Choose and Place Form

Whether you choose a template or not, the editor of the page builder should always have a form widget or block you can add. 

Before you head into the builder, decide what kind of marketing you want to use as a strategy. Do you want or need a long form? Is it something you may want in one of your templates? Do you simply want to redirect individuals to a page displaying the advertised, new product or other offers? Knowing what information you need to gather from the form will help you get a valid lead.

Add Email Automation to the Form

You can add an automation to trigger whenever a form is completed by people on your landing pages. This is true for the landing page software we will suggest your business consider using. Directly from the form creation, you should be able to:

  • send one of your autoresponder campaign emails
  • send a notification to a user already signed up or subscribed to your list (like a current customer)
  • and add contact tags, which is useful for grouping or segmenting people who interact with your page.

The best landing page builders will automatically recognize if you've purchased a package (email and website building) with the software, letting you create custom (or from templates) landing pages with automation extremely easy in the builder.

Finalize Landing Page

Add any extra steps you'd like the page to accomplish when a visitor interacts with it. Have any images you think are relevant to the landing page? Perhaps an enticing image of the box of chocolates your business is famous for? Don't forget to add those when you're in the builder.

Test it

Have a friend or colleague use the form on your landing page, having them type in a valid email address. If they get an autoresponder email, then you know your landing page is connected to automated emails correctly.

Landing Page and Automation All-in-One Software Choices

Okay, now to the actual apps we recommend for making a landing page with email automation. Keep in mind that a lot of these apps can use a WordPress hosting site or use WordPress on its own, but then what's the point of getting landing page builder?

Our goal in this article is to make things simpler for you. Here's the list of apps you might want to add to up your landing page and email marketing game.


Pros: Customers have been happy with Mailchimp for a very long time, and it is a trusted software. They will also get you:

  • Pre-made templates for landing pages with automation
  • drag and drop features in the editor
  • unlimited landing pages, even on the free plan
  • landing pages that can automatically tag people (or new contacts)
  • a mobile app so you can make sure your website is optimized for mobile

Cons: If you have more than 500 subscribers, the price for sending to these contacts rises. Right now, it's about $9.99 per month.


Pros: Unbounce has a free version as well with a superior landing page builder. 

Cons: It gives you digital support to help boost your sales, BUT this means those landing pages you design may not be worth the price tag as some have complained their ROI did not turn out in their favor after straying from the free trial. 


Pros: Some compare Launchrock to Jumplead because it claims to have Wordpress automation capabilities, but really the templates option is the number one best feature of this software. Their website are fully responsive so consumers can interact with it on their mobile devices as well.

Cons: Launchrock is does not support ios or Android, however. It's only supported on web-based and desktop devices.  


Pros: Instapage has such an easy text navigation tool to type your message in their landing page creation app. Ever see a tool where you type the text and yet you still can't see the words? Instapage makes sure creating your page is easy to see, click and drag widgets, and custom build a form.

Cons: People have mentioned on Google reviews that Instapage does not have as many templates as some other apps or software. If you need options and don't consider yourself creative when it comes to marketing, Instapage may not give you enough helpful options.


Pros: This software has a great option for an all-in-one suite to handle email marketing, landing pages, and even chatbots. If you'd like your chatbot to direct customers to a landing page, which lands them an email automation welcoming them to the subscription list, it's easy and affordable to do so! 

Cons: TruVISIBILITY has many competitors, such as Zapier and OptimizePress, who have more experience and blocks to build upon in their landing page creation tool. Everything, however is just as customizable as any sites created on Zapier or OptimizePress.

Want to do some testing between page builders? You can get our all-in-one suite (email, page editor and creation, and chatbot) for free. Check out our wide range of templates for each of our apps below.



Pros: Like their similar competing company, Mailchimp, Sendinblue has the analytics and great email automation integration with their landing pages. Probably because their email marketing app is their bread and butter.

Also, another one of their features includes one of the best offers for a more high-end software. You can send a good amount of emails (automated and from your landing page form, of course) with even the most limited account.

Cons: Because Sendinblue is one of the top software options, it does cost a little more. The amount you can choose to pay per month is reasonable, however, depending on your needs.

Don't Forget These Things...

Other than looking up what tools you need to get customers that instant reply from filling out a form, don't forget that your landing page looks more solid and will perform better with the following checked off your list.

Optimize for Mobile

You want to make it easy for leads of all ages and abilities to clearly see and click on your landing page. More importantly, you want them to easily click on the submit button after entering their personal information.

If you have images that are off or your landing page form doesn't rotate with your mobile device, go back to the page builder and make sure you create a mobile version of your landing page.

Separate Landing Pages for Different Email Campaigns

We lightly touched on this earlier. This step can go all the way back to choosing templates. If you accidentally connected the wrong email marketing message to the wrong contact, it's the fastest way to lose leads and sales.

Imagine if you went through a few sites only to find the perfect website that has the products you want. Then you sign up for deals on certain products but only get an email welcoming you to a newsletter list that you didn't intend to sign up for.

Don't Redirect to Your Homepage

Unless you are purposefully trying to direct visitors to your homepage, there's usually nothing more frustrating than signing up for certain deals (holiday sales sneak peak, for example) only to be directed to a homepage. A homepage just gives audiences too much information to process when all they want is something special tailored to them.

Make sure your landing page is a standalone page with very specific marketing goals. 

Invest in Good Email Marketing

Email marketing is a huge part of developing a form with email automation. Make sure your email marketing tools or builders have easy configuration and interface with your landing page app. Also make sure everything in your email messages you can create with all the right tools available. Need gifs in your email marketing? It's important to find an app that can save you time with the right blocks to build upon.

What's Next?

Feel confident now about choosing a landing page software that can connect to your email marketing? We hope the apps and options we listed above will help you in your landing page creation and in your decision to try out other apps for integrating automation with your landing pages.

Most growing businesses want to test out the process of making a landing page. If you don't want a limited version of a landing page software, you are welcome to try out our free account. Seriously, it's free to sign up, create a website, and launch the site! Who says free has to get you limited options? See in a few clicks how easy it is to build in our editor.