How Much Does a Landing Page Cost?

Landing pages are single-page websites with particular marketing goals, such as advertising a product or encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. They serve as interactive web fliers or business cards for you or your company.

Kate Neuer
November 03, 2022

Landing pages are single-page websites with particular marketing goals, such as advertising a product or encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. They serve as interactive web fliers or business cards for you or your company.

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The purchasing decisions of your target market are heavily influenced by the landing page of your PPC campaign. Because of this, companies spend money designing their PPC landing pages in an effort to produce the greatest and highest converting landing page possible.


So, how much should a landing page cost to build and deploy on your site or social channel?


Table of Contents


  • What Drives Landing Page Costs?
  • Average Landing Page Cost
    • Create Landing Pages through a Landing Page Builder Freelancer
    • Through an In-house Designer
    • PPC Landing Page Agency
  • Cost of Having Many Landing Pages
  • Pricing of Different Landing Page Services for Your Site
  • Choosing from Affordable Landing Page Builders
  • What's Next?
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What Drives Landing Page Costs?


Not to be confused with website cost, we will cover landing page cost. Specifically, the average prices to build a landing page or many landing pages to deploy on a business website. What can play a part in the varying landing page costs?


Thousands of dollars can go into a landing page. We understand what goes towards the maximum cost of developing the landing page, such as:


  • Detailed analysis of the your business
  • Copywriting – writing selling content, content mapping
  • Development of the site wireframe, prototype (presentation of the site to the client with the full placement of all the blocks and elements in order to avoid further errors)
  • UX design development
  • Adaptive layout with the connection of a convenient and modern CMS;
  • Standard SEO-site optimization Also we recommend you read more about SEO practices which will help you to improve a rank of landing page
  • Customize analytics and UTM tags
  • Integration APIs, CRM, web tracking tools and other tools which you need.


Average Landing Page Cost


The final price can vary. For example, abandon the software if you are able to independently manage the site using a code or do not plan to change anything on the site at all. Do not forget that the price does not include the cost of promotion services. They are paid separately.


At the same time, promotion services can be ordered from the web studio itself or contact another company on the recommendation of the web developer. $3,000 to $5,000 should be the limit for a built landing page for your business. But there are definitely cheaper options that we'll cover in this article as well.

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Turning to a web development company that is able to use modern web technologies to create a dynamic landing page, be prepared for a bill of $5,000 dollars or more for your one-page site. A dynamic landing page is a web page that displays different messages to different users or web visitors, depending on key variables such as location or keywords.


There are generally three ways to build a landing page. Let's go over the pros, cons, and general price for each way.


Create Landing Pages through a Landing Page Builder Freelancer


You can also work with independent contractors. These individuals can assist you in creating PPC landing pages and have design knowledge. Freelancers are paid either per project or per hour.

Freelancers often charge between $100 to $2000 per job, but you should budget at least $300 for a good landing page. You can anticipate paying this sum each time you need a landing page to be generated.


The major disadvantage of freelancers is that you have to contact them whenever you want to add new pages or update an aspect of your landing pages. For the pages to produce the optimum results, you will need to check on them continuously.


You must ensure freelancers can complete your landing page designs efficiently because some have restricted resources.


Through an In-House Designer


You could always design your landing pages internally. The landing pages for your PPC ads will therefore be made by you or a department member.


There are several fees involved with this. Paying internal staff members costs money, and you may also have to pay for the software used to make the landing pages. When choosing the person you want to develop your landing pages, it’s crucial to take these two things into account.


You can spend anywhere between $90 and $575 a month on landing pages if you work with a well-known landing page designer. In addition to paying staff to design your landing pages, you will also pay this sum.


PPC Landing Page Agency


You also have the choice to work with a PPC firm with expertise in landing page design. A team of professionals will be available to you when you hire a landing page design business to assist you in creating and maintaining your landing pages.


You can access a wealth of tools and professionals when working with a landing page design business. But all of this has a price. Based on the number and depth of landing pages required, landing page services might cost between $1,400 and $3,200.

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You’ll always have someone checking on the performance of your landing pages if you have a team of experts engaged in your campaigns. They can also help you improve your landing pages for better performance. 


To Sum Up

If you want to hire a digital agency to create a landing page, you will pay for landing page development services from $600 to $3,000. A quality landing page costs $1,000-1,500 in many cases. Creation a strategic landing page can cost about $1,500-2000. A dynamic landing page costs from $2,000 to $5,000. Anyway the cost of landing page depends on complexity of the task, stack of technologies and your business goals.


Cost of Having Many Landing Pages


One landing page may cost a thousand dollars, but does that mean the landing page will cost more if there are more landing pages you want to have?


Each different landing page may offer something different to your audience. This means these are all separate projects and will have their own price based on whether you choose to build the page through an agency or freelancer, or whether you decide to do it yourself using a software.


Let us note that every agency and software company is different. And if you have a similar landing page on other channels or websites and can make your 2nd or 3rd desired landing page based on that template, it will be cheaper to do so.


Pricing of Different Landing Page Services For Your Site


Building landing pages shouldn't be too pricey. And the price of a custom landing page design should justify the expected ROI (return on investment). Let us take a look at some of the more valuable software companies and agencies that can help a business get the most out of a landing page builder.




TruVISIBILITY is one of its kind when it comes to an all-in-one platform that businesses can use for free, a great cost-effective solution to creating a landing page.


What does "all-in-one" mean? How much would a business put down for a landing page builder, personal designers, or web page design, and an email marketing app for all their marketing needs? The largest companies would easily spend hundreds of thousands on man power and software creating landing pages.


With TruVISIBILITY's platform, however, business owners with no tech-savvy skills can design a landing page, email campaigns, and even deploy chatbots on their web pages and social channels for free. For a lifetime.

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For more personalized digital marketing options, you can get a premium account. The price is also so customized, that if you have 20,000 contacts, you could get every marketing platform up and running for $18/ month or about $140/ month for the pro plan.


The premium plan offers clients the option to remove TruVISIBILITY branding and provide cheaper options per chatbot conversation, per SMS message, and per site.


  • Freemium plan is... free! For life! Only pay as your business grows.
  • The pro plan starts around $106/ month and features the best customization possible for businesses that gain hundreds and thousands of contacts or leads continuously. 
Build a Landing Page Today




Instapage enables digital advertisers to produce more effective and relevant advertising by making it simple to construct landing pages optimized for conversion in a matter of minutes.


Marketing professionals can increase conversions with Instapage by designing, customizing, and optimizing landing pages at scale, automatically tying advertising to relevant post-click pages, and providing information to encourage the greatest development from digital ad campaigns.


There are, like TruVISIBILITY, just two pricing options for Instapage, which will make answering the question of how much does a landing page cost simpler.


  • Building Plan – $299 per month
  • Converting Plan – $599 per month


Unlimited conversions, 30,000 monthly unique visits, 30 posted landing page experiences, five workspaces, and 5 team members are all included in the $299.00 Instapage Building plan.


Instapage's Converting plan, on the other hand, starts at $599.00 per month and includes a minimum of 100 pages, 100,000 distinct monthly visits, and their whole feature library for conversions. The quantity of various features allotted each month differs significantly amongst the programs.




Unbounce prides itself on being in the business of landing page design and deployment as well as sending email campaigns for clients for a long time. 


They may be more known for email messaging, but overall it is a great platform that can offer many features, such as simple analysis of each campaign and landing page. Check out their pricing choices here:


  • Essential: $79 per month
  • Premium: $159 per month
  • Enterprise: $399+ per month


Pros of Unbounce:

  • Create and publish landing pages quickly.
  • Excellent templates and other sources like ThemeForest for more themes.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • The split-testing feature works well.


Cons of Unbounce:

  • Key functionalities are missing from the form builder
  • Existing landing pages made by third parties outside Unbounce cannot be split-tested.




Leadpages is among the most well-liked landing page builders for small and medium-sized enterprises.


There are three packages offered by Leadpages: Standard for startups, Pro for expanding enterprises, and Advanced for companies. Although there isn’t a choice for enterprise branding, this platform isn’t meant for bigger companies.


Leadpages offers three alternative payment options: monthly, yearly, and over the course of two years. Each option has a lower corresponding price. Wondering how much does a landing page cost with Leadpages? The pricing of the three plans is mentioned below:



Leadpages offers unrestricted traffic regardless of the version you use, which is a significant competitive advantage. For instance, Unbounce only allows 500,000 unique visits each month; if you want more than that, you must upgrade to the enterprise edition.


With Leadpages, this restriction is removed, which is wonderful if a lot of traffic is going to your website. However, a small percentage of the small businesses that Leadpages is focusing on will actually attract more than 500,000 unique visitors each month.


Choosing from Affordable Landing Page Builders


Other than price, decide what your business needs from a landing page builder. Do you simply need the best landing page software? Well, "best" can mean a lot of things and different things for everyone. 


Ask yourself what you or your marketing team needs to provide the best results and customer satisfaction when landing on your page, using your form, or interacting with other content on your page. Some questions to consider include:


  • Is optimization the top focus for my landing page and website?
  • Do I have the capacity to have a team or myself perform regular management of these landing pages?
  • What is my budget per month? Per year? 
  • What ROI am I expecting or hoping to see in the next 6 months or year after deploying a landing page?


What's Next?


The cost of the landing page directly depends on the budget you have planned, your expectations, opportunities and wishes regarding the terms of development.


If you have no experience but want to build a landing page, the best option will be to start in a test mode in order to see how things work before you engage. To do so, you can use web builders or free templates. When you have enough experience and time, you can then go premium and establish your online presence. Check out TruVISIBILITY's Sites app to create landing pages free for a lifetime!