Finding the Best Lead Generation Landing Page Builder

What makes a landing page a lead-generating one? From features to overall design, we can help you get inspiration and insight into your own business landing page.

Kate Neuer
April 05, 2022

Why Do You Need a Lead Generation Landing Page?

Firstly, a lead gen landing page is essentially designed with the conversions of leads into customers. In theory, all landing pages want to be designed for lead generation, but not all landing pages are successful because they miss the mark on what their audience wants or needs, the tools don't match what the audience wants to do or see, and to get an email response from the landing page form fails. This is a huge misstep in a business's sales funnel.

But why focus on a lead generation landing page? You can quickly get special tools that help your business focus on a particular audience. That is the difference between a lead generation page and just a regular landing page. If you have a store, such as Target, that can appeal to literally every person, this campaign may not need a specific lead generation page. Unless they want to target (get it?) gym rats, they won't need to build that landing page offering deals on all the new workout equipment. 

Why is a lead gen landing page BUILDER important? As mentioned before, there are particular tools or features you will want for lead generating purposes. The best builder for your business will give you all the tools you hope to use in a page targeted for a certain audience, such as all women of a certain age or need. This means your business would require a certain background image, for example, or a special form that can do audience segmenting for you in a way. Don't worry. We'll cover everything you need to know from an image source tool, headlines, and more that will help anyone choose the best lead gen landing page builder.

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What Features Get You a Lead Generation Landing Page?

There are countless software companies claiming their features make the most memorable and successful campaigns. They even claim lead conversion will rise with a free tool here or there from another software. And this may be true, but it is always best to have all of the features in your landing page be combined into one software, such as TruVISIBILITY's all-in-one suite. This suite includes email, landing page design and deployment, and a chatbot option. 


But let's go over the best features you need to include in your landing page creation stage. The ability to do these requires at least one tool... or more for each, so make sure you're choosing the right builder with the right templates (if that's your thing) or a great option to create a landing page from scratch.

Good Landing Page Design

In a landing page builder, the look of the landing page depends greatly on how well you can attach an image source that goes with the branding of the business and how well the colors, shapes, and other creative things appeal to the audience. This is a tough marketing strategy to master, but you can always look over examples of other landing pages to see how they matched their design to catch the eye of their target audience. Remember there may be a theme often implemented in a software's templates that you can copy. You can also know your target audience's desires and what attracts them with simple A/B testing and other marketing tactics. We suggest checking this article here on A/B testing.

Audience Segmenting

Lead capture landing pages are built for certain audience groups. This is the biggest difference between a regular landing page and lead generation landing pages. If you can segment your audience into groups, such as mothers and teen boys, then you're marketing strategy will already be better than most. With the right tools, such as what you can do with your contacts in an email app that's integrated with your landing page builder, you can send child supply ads and campaigns to people who've expressed they are moms versus sending video game ads and campaigns to young boys (and girls).

Strong Headline

Using a bit of SEO copywriting, your headline could tell a great story in the SERPs (like google search engine results pages), whether you're offering something amazing or have other value props to brag about that will capture the attention of the right audience. To write a great headline, point out the pain point your audience struggles with the most. This is why they are online searching for support, no? Clearly state in the headline your purpose. Is it to show off a new gadget? Help alleviate actual, physical pain? People have to know. Don't be afraid to see your headline as a working headline. You can change it later with a simple tool that your landing page software should provide. Just remember to save all versions of your landing page!

High-impact messaging

Special wording like 'New', 'Free', 'Support', and 'Why' get people interested in your marketing and the product you're advertising. That's because the are the top words that trigger an emotional response for people in the decision-making part of the brain. This will bring more visitors to your landing page, and the sales funnel can hopefully begin with each customer and potential customer.

Always remember to address pain points for customers and keep the messaging consistent throughout the page. The messaging should also stay consistent over customer touch points. If people join the contact list or you get leads through the landing page, but it doesn't make good on its promise, then the business will lose people. 

Benefits or Offers

Immediately tell the visitors of the benefits of the offer. Are they tired of throwing cat litter away every week? Do they need long-lasting freshening cat litter? This should be the first thing you place on your landing page. Other offers could be something of value, such as an e-book about how to litter train cats. Make sure this is downloadable and visitors will sign up for this.

Generally people want to get something immediately from signing up for something. Decide if your audience wants to learn something, have the offer enrich or improve their lives, or do they simply want to know how good your brand is? Perhaps you offer tools on how to use your product or service. Or you give a great alternative option for cat supplies. You can answer all of these as shown in some landing page templates, but focusing on one is best.

Compelling CTAs

The best CTAs or call-to-action buttons entice a visitor to hit the button because they like the sound of what they will get in return. A great CTA button can ensure your business will thrive. These buttons are usually no longer than 4 or 5 words, give or take. They usually mention offers or a value to the lead and what they will get by sighing up. Some great wording for CTAs are similar to those like these examples:

  • Download your free e-book now
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Subscribe to get deals
  • Get access to insider info
  • Reserve your spot now
  • Join us in the webinar

Any wording that the business has built around letting a visitor "in on a secret" makes the lead feel like they are getting a special deal. Also, people will click on something if they think it is time-sensitive. You will want to keep your brand style or theme consistent with the button (such as colors and wording) as well.

Easy Forms

The idea of a landing page is to get your audience to fill out a form, so the questions have to be in simple text so it is easy to read. This makes it more likely for a potential customer to sign up for sales, deals, other offers, etc. Not only does the text have to be easy to understand, a business should make sure the design of the form is simple. Once question right after the other. Or make sure when creating the form, you have an option to have forward arrows to go to the next page if necessary or perhaps include a huge button so people clearly know when to submit the form. This will help leads understand when the form is complete.

Stress Urgency

We mentioned this before a little, but one of the things you may want to mention in the beginning, middle, and end of your landing page is the sense of a time crunch. This will make people click right when they see the offer or time they have to take part of the sales or deals. Most landing page builders will usually have free templates with similar text to help you reword the urgency of signing up to your business newsletter or marketing lead generation tactic.

Build Trust with Social Proof

Some landing pages are useless if they don't show social proof or previous customer reviews to boost business morale and trust. The leads must trust the campaigns will benefit them in the end if they do go down the sales funnel. When customers rave online about the tools that the business software offer or one of the features of the business, people will trust the brand. To trust the product, you need to include stories of lead conversions. You can even include conversions of the perfect customer who "went with us instead of our competitor" or "came to us from an unfulfilling competitor."

Examples of Landing Pages with Great Lead Generation

When in doubt, landing page creation should be left up to the templates. Even free templates can be high-converting. Some great landing pages help leads make a decision by further implementing features on the landing page. A great option for a feature is a calculator. If your product is price-oriented, you can include a calculator to show how cheap it would be for a customer to go with your service. It could calculate other things, such as how much cat litter a person can save. Here are some other great examples of landing pages with lead generation in mind.


Indichino is a great example of a company who took their theme of men looking good in their suits throughout their website and landing page. See the simplicity of using just to call-to-action buttons?



It's clear this business is for tutoring and any various of help for a teen's education. The background image is dulled yet visible to the audience, which a great landing page builder should do for any business hoping to incorporate an image source or graphic. The text is not heady because they have a simple action. They also subtly address the pain points of the worry parents may have for their kids. 



Wag is a perfect example of a landing page with a form already for audiences to fill out. There is more text here as well, which is great for businesses who want to capitalize on as much optimization as they can. The simpler the form, the better chances you have of a real lead signing up and making sales.


Tools You'll Need in a Builder to Make Landing Pages with Email Integration

Email integration is vital to make sure the optimization of your landing page is good enough to have audience members coming back to the page. You also want to make sure you have great SEO optimization for your landing page in order for more potential customers to find the page, but we will go over email integration since the operation of your landing page is something you need to keep in mind when it's built.

Best Landing Page Builder: Top 5 Apps


HubSpot is a great option for testing. If your business is struggling online, it is a good idea to do some testing by making different landing pages and seeing how each is doing. HubSpot offers a kind of stats calculator to tell you the engagement of each page. 

You can integrate other software to help with SEO needs as well with HubSpot. If you don't know where to start with some SEO products, such as optimizepress, HubSpot can give you other easy options. These SEO tools are for those who sign up for Marketing Hub Profession and Enterprise accounts. 

A major downside to HubSpot is the fact that they only allow someone to build 20 pages before they will be charged. The free version is great, but the landing pages they have as examples or templates is not worth only having a 20-page limit in the landing page builder. 


The templates alone are perfect for online display. You can easily view how your landing page will look on mobile versus the web with one button. You can choose how the mobile display looks as well, even if it is different from the web version!

If you are overwhelmed by one option over the other, TruVISIBILITY gives weekly updates on how to support your business. This is everything from how to best incorporate a tool in your landing page builder, how to improve your campaigns by giving updates of products, and giving tips on features the user may not have discovered yet.

TruVISIBILITY's pricing is also flexible. If you believe you are spending too many emails to some of your audience who isn't responding to your offers, you can decide to not send as many emails for a cheaper price. In terms of their landing page builder, the price (even if you get the free version) depends on how many pages you have and who responds to it. It can vary, but this means you are not stuck with one high price when growing businesses generally do not need to spend much on a page they just built. Ultimately, the lead generation will, in the end, come up to be more gratifying for less money versus Mailchimp, HubSpot, and some other pricier options. 



Leadpages is special because they offer a landing page builder as well as a lead capture form builder. No matter how many leads a business can get off of the landing page they built, the price will stay the same. It ranges from $37 to $79. Leadpages doesn't integrate with some advanced tools, such as though for optimization. Optimization is key to having a successful page that will show up to the audience when they are searching for whatever is your business offers. 

Some of the advanced features they claim to have seem to lack in the freedom or option they give the user, especially in terms of testing. With an overall great tool for landing pages, the email function is not as smooth as the others on this list, and the form template is not optimized for lead generation while every other tool is. Another thing you can trust us on is the fact that the builder does not have a tool for very good A/B testing. This is the same for a free trial or a pay per month plan. 


Unbounce features an intuitive along with machine learning to help drive conversions and track how the visitors use the page. They have over 60 app tools for building a landing page, unlike HubSpot and many other apps that can only support a handful of features whether you have the free version or not. But this means Unbounce is a great tool to try if you need to do more testing. 

The downside when you get Unbounce is the price. If you do not get the highest subscription level, which is quite expensive, you could be getting too many offers that aren't relevant to what you need. The average cost of Unbounce is $81 to $203 a month. Even Sendinblue does not need to cost that much, and many companies have built better pages and received a higher conversion of leads and customers than this product is worth. Yes, the sales show that Unbounce is popular, but a lot of this has to do with the fact that it may be easy to learn. If no one in your business is very tech-savvy, some of the many features it offers may confuse someone. 

Trust us, there is a free trial of this software, but a credit card is required. And if you have the option to use more features, you will likely take it. Meaning you will pay more with the credit card on file. 


We know. We know. Mailchimp is known for emailing, right? Yes, they have a good email application, but a lot of their sales come from the landing page builder as well. Though email messaging features for Mailchimp are good, their page builder should be taken seriously, too. Their offers include a custom domain and high conversion templates, but they also offer the opportunity to bring any website a business has already built into their builder so you can have your landing pages and website under one domain name to keep with the theme of the business and keep it unified. 

With all their glorious tools and fancy marketing tactics, like using the word "free" for things that aren't that free in real life once you get to use the platform, Mailchimp is like HubSpot where they advertise the ease of publishing a page and ads to target your audience. This sounds great, right? Yes and no. For the right business, it could be. For businesses who haven't seen an ROI after investing in a marketing campaign may be wary of Mailchimp's "free" tools that aren't as advanced as even Instapage, GetResponse or Wishpond.

What's Next?

Our last tips for anyone looking for the best tools to build a lead-generation landing page include testing and optimizing for every platform. This doesn't mean just general A/B testing with your campaigns using a landing page template or templates and email app, like Sendinblue. Any email app can effectively turn a lead into a customer if the landing page is integrated perfectly with it. See our article about integrating email to your landing page forms here.

You will also want to make sure people can seamlessly use any form on your landing page on a mobile device. Simply understand how influential mobile is. People can text faster than the rate at which they think sometimes! Other things people will want to do is sign in on a mobile phone, skip ads if that is a part of your pages, easily view offers, access support if needed, and save any progress they've made. Some of these depend on the type of landing page, form, and service or product your business offers, though.

We've gone over how to create a great lead generation landing page and which builders may have the best option for your business, now it's time to go choose one! With so many free offers out there from templates to full access of a particular software, you're sure to find the best lead generation landing page builder. Speaking of free, many businesses thrive from TruVISIBILITY's suite, mainly because it's easy to have every tool you need in one place. Check out everything they have to offer for free.