Does Your HomePage Pass The Critical 5 Second Test?

A first impressions from a new visitor landing on your website’s homepage is a make or break moment.

Alexander Koval
October 02, 2020

The only way your business grows long term is in its ability to convert first-time visitors (FRESH LEADS) eventually into customers.


Are Your Impressing Your New Visitors?

First impressions are enormously powerful and are ridiculously hard to overcome if the experience is poor. And first impressions from a new visitor landing on your website’s homepage is a make or break moment. Done right, you may earn a new customer, done wrong and you will have wasted the effort and money it took to get that person to your website.


Four Questions That Must Be Answered

The secret to a great home page is that the new visitor understands these vital points within the first 5 seconds after they landed on your website:

  1. They Know Who You Are?
  2. They Know What You Do?
  3. They Know That There Is Something There For Them?
  4. They Know Where To Go Next?

All four of these points go into the first impression that the visitor “understands” and uses internally to decide on their next move. They can quickly leave your website and bounce out to someplace else (like your competitor’s website) or they can engage with your website and move forward trying to accomplish the task they had in mind when clicking into your website.


It's Not About Design

I hope you noticed that the website design of the site is not one of these first 4 points. The design should be subordinate to the information you provide the visitor. Design is important, but it is much less important than EVERYONE THINKS. Most website owners do not objectively look at the experience of the new visitor when they land on your website. There is too much blind pride in ownership or in the effort it took to get the page up that the experience of the new visitor is not looked at critically.

A great exercise is to invite people you know to look at your website for 5 seconds and just ask them what they saw.  Do this with people who never saw your website before. Do this routinely to get a fresh perspective as times change.

Doing business online is always evolving. Things that worked well for the past 5, 10 or even 20 years are no longer working as effectively today. You must always consider how consumers behave online and adjust your marketing efforts and website to match these trends.


Today's Consumers Are Behaving Differently Than Before

The biggest trend in online marketing is called Conversational Marketing. Simply put it is just having a “conversation” with your visitors, leads, and customers. Consumers want to be listened to, they want to be heard, and they want to hear/see exactly what they want or need from the brands and online businesses that they choose to do business with.  They no longer want, need, or respond to big websites with hundreds of pages, and what seems to be an unlimited number of links to click. They do not want to have to work hard to find what they personally need.

The biggest facilitator of Conversational Marketing is using a personalization tool that allows for this conversation to take place. That is where Chatbots excel.  A chatbot is a two-way presentation platform that allows a visitor and brand to have a conversation that can be automated and scaled. Conversations in the chatbot can actually be monitored so that a live agent or salesperson can jump in and take over the conversation when it is most appropriate to give the personal one-to-one help.



The potential for integrating conversations into your homepage (not just a popup) is the most powerful feature of  Embedding the chatbot right into your homepage that will strike up a conversation with each one of your visitors will dramatically improve your engagement rates leading to new customers.

We would love to show you how this can be done easily, quickly, and at a very low cost. Please schedule a demo and discovery call at