Digital Marketing Ideas for Easter

Wondering how you can sweeten up your campaigns and possibly get a high-conversion rate by capitalizing on Easter? We've got just the tips you need for each type of Easter campaign.

Kate Neuer
April 12, 2022


It's time for the holiday filled with candy and bunny-shaped... everything. Generally, we first think of families giving each other baskets of goodies and let kids go hunt for eggs, but the day isn’t just for families. And it doesn’t have to last a single day, either. Shoppers who want to look nice on Easter (think dresses and pastel clothes) know to watch for sales weeks before the holiday.

Easter can be celebrated all week or even all month long for some customers and businesses. That’s why it’s important to cover every demographic and keep an open mind when deciding what deals or campaigns to roll out this month.

Luckily with emails, they can be sent starting any time in March or April up until actual Easter day and beyond!

Stuck on campaign ideas? We got your back. We’ll discuss what particular industries can do to capitalize on Easter shoppers' needs and give inspiration for the types of emails they can send this season.

Table of Contents

Goals of Easter Holiday Marketing

Let’s go over the things to keep in mind when constructing an Easter message. Some of these ideas may be optional depending on the type of business you own or work for. Others will be vital to almost every message you send, whether it be to a loyal client or brand new lead.

Another goal any business could come up with for Easter marketing is to see how this Easter audience may differ from your regular targeted audience. Or perhaps they are the same target audience for your business? Perhaps your Easter marketing campaigns are doing better than others? With simplae A/B testing on landing pages and email messaging, any business can find this out with the right software. TruVISIBILITY's platform is great for such analytics.


Relationship with Customers

If you’ve got loyal customers, show them that you have Easter deals just for them. Any way you can make these emails personalized will mean a lot to your customers. If you’re offering a special deal that sounds like it’s just for them, even better! 

Campaign Design 

Bunnies, flowers, eggs, chicks, baskets, and even chocolate bunnies are great to add to your images of items for sale, but the design of your email can do more than pictures to give off Easter vibes.

Subtle charm will help potential customers get in the mood… for buying their loved ones gifts. (See what we did there?) Whether you sell Easter-specific items or not, now’s the time you can have marketing emails with cute, spring-time language to get your message across.

Don’t be afraid to say to your audience, “Hello, what's hoppin'?” or “Spring into our deal now." Customers will appreciate knowing right off the top what type of campaign you are pushing out: Something for the season or specific to the Easter holiday.

Make Enticing Promises

If customers don’t buy something from you for Easter, it’s not because your offers aren’t good. It is most likely that you cannot promise they will get their gifts in time for Easter.

Ensuring you can deliver purchases in time for the holiday will help convert leads and boost sales in March and April. Ways to relay this message to possible buyers is to...

Put it in your subject line. What’s better? Offering free shipping on top of guaranteeing delivery by April 16th. Include an image, such as a husband or wife getting the gift in the mail on Easter. Repeat the promise of fast delivery in the footer of your email.

Use Enticing Subject Lines

Now you have to punch up the message you want to direct your customers to for Easter. The words “perfect”, “ideal”, and “gift” are what customers are looking for when they are indeed in search for something for themselves or their family.

Depending on the items you sell, you can put an Easter spin to work it in your favor. For example, clothing companies can showcase pastel dresses or suits for Easter dinners or church. This, along with certain keywords, should be included in the subject line of your email, especially the words "Spring" and "Easter."

Using emojis is also cute and eye-catching when part of a subject line. Remember you can A//B test emails with different subject lines to see which have better open rates.

Common Messages for Easter Digital Marketing

The idea of messaging for Easter starts with knowing your audience. If not for religious purposes, generally families (especially those with small children) will be in the market for Easter food, treats, decor, and clothing. But any type of business can benefit from Easter deals, including deals for Good Friday and throughout the weekend. 

For retailers, they are generally targeting families and should use this marketing opportunity to showcase images of families or even just friends of all kinds wearing pastel colors or holding baskets full of chocolate bunnies. If you have deals on other products or services that cannot relate to the Easter holiday, then use this time to spread the message that someone deserves a gift in their basket, even if the item can't fit in the basket! 

For services (think cleaning services or even software services), the same wording can be applied. Gifts that can't fit into a basket are completely accepted if the shopper knows they can buy the item and gift it to their loved one in one way or another, such as an e-gift card or emailed certificate to download software or video game. Also, the imaging doesn't have to be much different, either. Eggs, gifts in baskets, pastel colors can all surround the graphic image that represents your service or product. For example, why not show an image of that video game that is now on sale in an Easter basket? We'll go over some examples of each type of marketing strategy manages putting Easter-centric messaging into their email campaigns, landing pages, and even chatbots.

Email Marketing for Easter

Email marketing is the most common outlet for businesses to reach their audiences over the Easter holiday. It's almost the best way to continually connect to audiences and build a sales funnel for leads and loyal customers alike. This is because you can plan to send out a stream of emails, whether they are broadcast emails or single promotional campaigns, over the weeks leading up to the Easter weekend. 

This example form Julep proves that a retailer doesn't need to sell something Easter related in order to take advantage of the marketing opportunities this spring. In fact, their "punny" title lets the lead know that this deal may only last until Easter is officially over.


Photo cred: Julep

For a great email marketing software that has templates for almost every holiday, check out if TruVISIBILITY can build the best bot for you.


Landing Pages for Easter

If trying to convert leads into customers, landing pages are great for any holiday, especially Easter since a lot of soon-to-be customers are part of families and generally shop on a yearly basis for themselves and their family. Similar messaging we talked about earlier can be translated into your landing pages, such as "Don't hop away just yet", which gives the customer a sense of urgency or importance that this holiday deal won't last forever, resulting in more people wanting to sign up for whatever you're offering.

Below is a great example of a giveaway this retailer decided to announce specifically for the holiday. And their landing page has fun word-play to emphasize the fun of the Easter holiday.


Photo cred: Pinky Paradise


Chatbots for Easter

Chatbots can be so diverse and do various, countless things for a business during the Easter holiday. It could announce deals similarly to how email marketing sends out promotions, or it can communicate other Easter marketing campaigns to donate to a particular cause (if your business pertains to this). 

An ebay shopper helper bot, for example, shows how they are pushing for Easter-related images to entice customers to buy cute things for their families for Easter. Much of the images and messaging in the chatbots will be similar to those campaigns seen in a promotional email.


Photo cred: eBay

What's Next?

View the tools you need in an email, landing page, or chatbot builder to make a great campaign for Easter. Remember to give different messages to those returning customers and leads. You may be advertising something for clients to buy for loved ones, but you can show your leads and customers the Easter spirit with great offers, clear email and landing page messages, and great follow up emails or chatbot dialogue about purchases or services. Check out our all-in-one marketing suite to see how you can create an Easter email campaign, landing page, and chatbot for free!