Do you realize it has been 12 years since the App Store from Apple launched in 2008?

Everyone has their favorite mobile phone apps or out of necessity they continually use apps on their phone like your banking app, Uber, Facebook, or Twitter. But, when was the last time you downloaded a new dedicated app from a business you frequent instead of just using their website?  


Mobile App Growth Has Plateaued

The growth and excitement of mobile apps for businesses have plateaued years ago.  There are still a few segments that are still thriving in the app space such as gaming, banking, and social media. And a cool app breaks through every now and then but it is usually a novelty and has as fast a rise as its fall.

The time, money, and effort to build, promote, and maintain an alternative option from a typical business website just does not make much business sense anymore.


Why Mobile Apps Are Not The Best Choice Anymore

There are two main reasons that mobile apps are not ideal for most businesses today:

  1. The competition for screen and storage space on the customer’s phone is too hard to overcome and most promising mobile apps get downloaded and forgotten by the users very quickly. And when people upgrade their phone (seemingly every year); people usually purge as many unneeded apps as possible.
  2. The website designs of most businesses have become very mobile-friendly, so there is no need to build and maintain a unique mobile app because the combination of good design and the power of the latest mobile phones have made the browser experience good enough.


What Is Replacing Mobile Apps As A Better Solution

So what do you do if you need a solution that goes beyond the static nature of a typical website and you want to automate tasks to reduce labor or deliver very personal experiences with your customers?

In today’s technology environment you can either build out a complete web application (think months of development time and loads of money) or you can now use a powerful no-code chatbot platform solution like TruCHAT by TruVISIBILITY.

The personalization capabilities of TruCHAT By TruVISIBILITY and the availability of advanced AI, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, API Integrations, plus the full data handling/manipulation built into a rapid development platform lets you build amazingly complex solutions in days and weeks compared to months of development time that mobile apps take.   


What Was Holding Back Chatbots Is Now Solved

One of the issues that were holding back the more massive acceptance of chatbots as an option was the fact that the limited screen space of the typical chatbot pop-up widget in the lower corner of your browser just didn’t excite the innovative marketers and business owners to look to chatbots. But with TruCHAT having built-in full-page chatbot capabilities there really is no limit to the user experience that the chatbot can deliver.


Get Started Solving Your Challenges   

So, if you need to solve real business challenges you can now utilize chatbot technology to deliver solutions that can be built in hours and days and can be done without a massive team of developers.  And by using a chatbot, you can launch quickly, get real usage data, and iterate the solution almost instantly because nothing should ever be "set it and forget it" in today's online ecosystem.

With a TruCHAT PRO account, you can build an unlimited number of chatbots and landing pages to host them all included with the $99 a month account fee. You also have a full-fledged email platform built-in to follow-up and nurture leads till they become very happy customers.

TruCHAT pricing offering


Consider TruCHAT By TruVISIBILITY when thinking about how you can solve your business challenges as we can work with you to brainstorm, mockup, launch, and iterate solutions till your business has solved its most pressing challenges with a high-tech, scalable, and very affordable chatbot.

Schedule a demo and discovery call with the experts at TruVISIBILITY and your problems may be over sooner than you think.

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