Asking your customers the simple question of "what can we do for you" is more powerful than most marketers and business owners realize.  In this article, I will explain three ways a chatbot can solve this for your business.


Are You Listening To Your Customers?


The number one trend in digital marketing is "Conversational Marketing". This trend is simply defined as listening to the wants and needs of your customers and then giving them what they ask. This revolutionary concept is often one of the most challenging tasks to get right for a business. 

Some businesses don't even really know what their customers want and need. And if they do hear their customer's expressed wants and needs, they do not address them either individually or in mass.


Two Halves Of A Successful Business

How you design your product offerings and customer service is what really defines what your business really is all about. Knowing what your target customers want and need from your company is critical in laying out a successful business strategy. If these two halves  (product and service) don't line up, you will be building a business that doesn't meet the needs of your target customers. You know that this misalignment can't be a winning strategy. 

Its All About The Data

The best businesses utilize data to help make business decisions. The more data you collect from your customers, the more you can build a strategy based on that customer data. It is always best to understand your customers prior to deciding on your business strategy instead of basing your decisions on your gut feeling or what you may believe is the needs of your customers. Most businesses will be confident and tell you they know and understand their customers but the best companies will just show you the data that supports their theories.


Chatbots Are The Best Tool For Customer Surveys

Chatbots are simple yet powerful tools for implementing surveys and they can be designed to seamlessly fit into the flow of your website and your customer journeys. Here are three chatbots that will invite your customers to give you the type of data necessary to understand your customer's needs.

1) One Question Survey Chatbot
This simple One Question Survey Chatbot asks your visitors one simple question that they only have to click one of the choices presented. By limiting the chatbot to just one question you will get more responses than any other method. With the power of TruCHAT By TruVISIBILITY, you can set this chatbot to only launch with the trigger of a first-time visitor or only a repeat visitor that already has been to your website. You can even set it to only launch on a specific page or product on your website. You can create different questions to ask at different times of the year to collect a bigger set of data to act upon.

2) Rate These Items Chatbot
This chatbot can present multiple items such as skills, requirements, features, preferences, brands, etc and the chatbot will give them up to 5 different ratings to select. You can establish any type of rating variables you feel gets you the best possible data set. It can be star ratings, 1-5 in importance, 1-5 in difficulty, or any other scale to give you an insight into your customer's feelings on those items. 

3) Questions With Responses Chatbot
A more powerful type of survey can be incorporated into a chatbot that would ask multiple-choice survey questions. Then each answer would lead to a unique crafted response from the chatbot based on that selected answer. This chatbot allows you to make product recommendations or deliver training based on the answers of the survey taker. This method really builds a more trusted customer relationship as the experience will be more personal. 


Chatbots are a tremendous business tool to collect data from your customers in an imaginative and unobtrusive manner. The above three chatbots are just three of the ways that chatbots from TruCHAT by TruVISILIBILTY can attain the customer data that you need to push your business forward with the best odds of being successful. By using chatbots, your next business strategy meeting will be centered around actual customer data instead of your leaders just guessing at what is your best next step. 

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