Keeping up with the latest trends in online marketing is very challenging even if you are immersed in this fast pace online business ecosystem 100% every day. Consumer behavior shifts, powerful technology becomes accessible and affordable and competitors come and go, so you must always be moving your marketing strategy forward to stay successful.

This article will cover the most important trend that too few online companies have adopted in their marketing strategy currently and is causing them to lose business that they expected to achieve for these “late adopters”. This driving online marketing trend is called “Conversational Marketing”.


It Is All About The Conversion

We all seek the ever-elusive conversion, whether it is a macro conversion such as a sale or transaction or a micro-conversion such as adding a new subscriber to your mailing list or engaging your visitor enough to consume a video to deliver memorable branding and product information.  

The entire thought process of all your marketing efforts is geared to achieve a goal or outcome by your cold or warm leads or from existing customers. The construction of your marketing campaigns or funnels must match with the current online behavior and needs of your target audience.  Your entire web presence must follow the trends of the consumer to stay tuned in to what works. Most marketing efforts that are successful eventually wane in their ability to capture enough interest and convert at the levels you need to achieve a positive ROI.  Tactics that worked in the past are not working as effectively as today. Proof of this is the ever-lowering open and clicks rates of marketing emails. 


What is Conversational Marketing?

Online consumer behavior has shifted the past few years and the masses are now responding best to businesses and brands that facilitate a two-sided conversation with them.  The consumer wants to be listened to and heard, and they want their specific needs addressed directly.  And this conversation leads to a lasting relationship of awareness and trust.  And we know once trust is established between a business and a consumer, it is easier to get the consumer to convert. If a consumer doesn’t trust you, they won’t give you their info (BECOME A LEAD) and they won’t give you their business (MONEY).


So How Do I Have Conversations With My Leads/Customers?

Technology has made it easy and very inexpensive to have individual conversations at scale with your website visitors. The center of the Conversational Marketing universe is the chatbot. This amazing and very affordable technology now can automate a conversation with every lead or visitor to your website.  Each visitor will be able to respond to prompts, answer questions, consume rich content, and establish the intent of their visit to the chatbot. Then the power under the hood of the chatbot takes over and delivers a very personal experience to each visitor gaining trust, building brand awareness, and winning business.

Since chatbots are a chat-based solution, you can even monitor every visitor's conversations as they happen and jump in with human intervention at the most advantageous moment to close the sale or to deliver the needed service that is required. 


Get Started Today With Conversational Marketing

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