Introduction: A chatbot offers the powerful ability to use personalization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to engage every visitor to your website into a two-way conversation that can dramatically affect the outcome of the visitor's interaction. The old way of delivering content on your website was impersonal, static, and used a one-size-fits-all "hope they read everything and understand it all and not have any questions" way of communicating your value proposition. Those days of using old methods SHOULD BE OVER if you want to keep up with the needs of your visitors and customers and want to get the return on investment that you need to achieve to grow your business.

The issue with most chatbot platforms is that they do not offer any way of really presenting or facilitating the conversation outside of the almost invisible pop-up in the corner web widget. This method has almost become a negative in the minds of most visitors as they feel it is really a limited way to get customer service and usually feels like an weak attempt for visitors to just leave a message. Too many companies use chatbots improperly and have had very limited success.

TruCHAT Has A Better Solution


TruCHAT has built a very powerful chatbot platform (No-Code Just Point And Click) and married it with an easy-to-use landing page builder to give marketers the absolute best chance to influence the behavior of each visitor responding to your email, social, and paid advertising campaigns. Chatbot Landing Pages are delivering better than any other static landing page option available on the market such as the ones from Unbounce, Leadpages, or any other limited (STATIC) landing page product.

With A TruCHAT Pro account, you can build, host and launch unlimited chatbots and chatbot landing pages plus so many more features unique to TruCHAT. Your Pro account even includes our TruMESSAGING email platform including drip campaigns to really follow up and close more leads using automation.

Check out these 7 reasons that Chatbots and Chatbot Landing Pages should be incorporated into your marketing initiatives.

1) Personal One-To-One Conversations
Driving your visitors to landing pages that facilitate a focused and personal conversation with each visitor will drive results better than sending visitors to any of your existing web pages or static "OLD STYLE" landing pages.

2) Drive Higher Conversion Rates
Utilizing single-focused Chatbot Landing Pages with a chatbot that has the offer, supporting content and the methods to complete the transaction will drive your conversion rates up.

3) WOW First Impressions
First-time visitors responding to your campaigns will be blown away by the WOW factor of your Chatbot Landing Pages creating an invaluable first impression for your brand.

4) Faster Conversion Process
Using lead qualifying, special offers, down sells, upsells, cross-sells, and by answering all your customer's questions and concerns right there in the chatbot, while they are most engaged, will greatly shorten your customer conversion time.

5) More Results Without More Staff
TruCHAT Chatbot Landing Pages can be built and deployed in minutes and hours, not days, weeks or months, and can make your marketing department more efficient and effective without more staff being hired.

6) Integration Within Minutes
TruCHAT chatbots featured on Chatbot Landing Pages can be integrated with your backend systems to offer the type of interactivity that usually takes weeks or months to build.

7) Optimize With Data
Chatbot Landing Pages provide all the data needed to optimize your campaign results by using advertising attribution, advanced analytics, a/b testing, personalization, and lead capture scoring and qualifying.

SUMMARY: When you use a Chatbot Landing Page as your post-click destination for your PPC, email, and social marketing campaigns you will now be able to have a one-to-one engaging conversation with each of your visitors. This will deliver memorable branding, deep awareness, very qualified leads, and more conversions than using any other marketing method.

Check out the Chatbot Landing Page Gallery or schedule a demo/discovery call at and move your business forward faster.