The design and strategy of each marketing campaign your business launches are critical to both the short-term and long-term success of your business. One mistake many marketers make is to judge each campaign individually and with a short-windowed metric such as how many widgets were sold today from a specific campaign.

If you are constantly reaching your target consumers, the compounded effect of all your campaigns builds the perception and value of your business in the eyes of past, present, and potential future customers. Each campaign can positively or negatively affect this perception with your target consumers.  This perception comes into play when a consumer has a need for a product or service you offer. Does the consumer have a positive enough top-of-mind awareness of your business that you are the first place they go to get what they need?  



Care in building your brand's perception overtime should be very carefully and strategically planned out.  Your brand should be well defined and consistent. I am sure that almost every American consumer has a unique perception of these three similar big box stores: Walmart, Target, and Kmart.  Can you clearly identify where your business fits within your segment of business in the eyes of the consumer?



The area I am going to address in this article is how to effectively implement chatbots into your marketing campaigns. The use of chatbots gives you the power to shape your brand's perception in the mind of every post-click visitor that responds to your campaign. Chatbots can build brand awareness, increase sales, and grow a more loyal customer base.

Consumer behavior online continues to evolve. Marketing tactics that have worked for years are less effective today due to this change in consumer behavior.  Consumers want their chosen brands to listen to and speak directly to them. They want a long-term relationship with the brands they choose to support their buying decisions and the best example of this is the loyal fanbase of Apple.

The best way to accomplish a relationship is to have conversations with your customers. Listen to their needs, answer questions, address objections and deliver a personalized experience based on their expressed needs and wants. A professional salesperson can do this, but salespeople do not scale and can eat up thin profit margins.



A TruCHAT By TruVISIBILITY chatbot can be quickly and inexpensively designed to be on each one of your campaign’s dedicated landing pages to facilitate this needed conversation with each visitor. 

Your TruCHAT Pro account comes with all the needed tools to dramatically upgrade your marketing campaigns to deliver a completely personalized experience to each visitor including chatbots, chatbot landing pages, lead management, and automated email and SMS follow-up. It also offers the ability for your sales and support staff to jump in and do a live chatbot take over when necessary to close the big deals or deliver that exceptional service that wins customers.



Take a look at our Chatbot Landing Page Gallery and get inspired to make the upgrade to all your marketing campaigns to do more than they are doing today.  Imagine the effect of ROI on every one of your email, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns by it leading to a conversation with each visitor.

I invite you to set up a demo and discovery call to learn more about how this strategy can be quickly implemented. It can all be done by your staff or we have a “done for you” service.