Chatbots are a revolutionary new multi-purpose tool that many businesses are just starting to use to solve real-world business challenges. Some progressive companies are using chatbots to enhance their marketing efforts to maximize the return on their marketing investments.

Chatbots can be used to deliver an unlimited number of solutions to help grow your business and deliver greater profits. A chatbot utilizes personalization to forge a long-term relationship with leads and customers - this trend is actually called "Conversational Marketing". The ability to have a personal one-to-one conversation with a visitor is extremely powerful and cost-efficient and really can increase your conversion rates and customer satisfaction levels. 

Chatbots are often used to automate repetitive processes to make them more efficient and less costly or to enhance your customer's experience in communicating with your brand. 

Once you understand what is possible, you just have to logically map out your needs and your custom chatbot solution can be built really fast and really inexpensively. To help you understand some of the possibilities, here is a list of just 33 chatbot ideas to get you started.


24/7 Customer Support Chatbot
Deliver great customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by answering customer's questions, handling issues, and giving your customers a way to give you all the info needed to solve their issues.


FAQ Chatbot
Build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) chatbot that will answer your most common questions to alleviate the burden of answering the same questions over and over again by your staff.

Job Center W/Application
All potential employees to see what jobs are available and let them apply directly to the most ideal open position inside a chatbot.

Chatbot Interactive Article
A very unique way to deliver a content article where the visitor's input determines the content delivered.

eBook Lead Magnet
Engage your visitors with content that makes a difference in your customer's buying process and automatically send out an ebook attachment.

Lead Magnet Chatbot
Offer and deliver a Lead Magnet (eBook, PDF, White Paper) and capture a fully qualified lead.

Post Sale Survey Chatbot
Build a post-sale survey chatbot that can be incorporated into your "thank you page" after a transaction to ask why customers are buying from you and why they selected that product.

Product Demo Calendar Chatbot
Schedule product demos with your sales staff by having interested customers answer a few qualifying questions and then letting them schedule an open time slot on a Google or Office 365 calendar.


Ask A Question Chatbot
Allow your customers to ask any question they may have to your answer bot from TruCHAT and utilize the natural language understanding capabilities built into the platform.

Contest System
Keep track of entries and be able to randomly select a winner based on any number of factors.

New Product Evaluation Chatbot
Test a new product and get direct feedback from your customers by asking questions to see their opinion on the new offering (you can offer a discount for their help).

Daily Training Lesson
Create interactive daily training inside a chatbot using video, text and audio and easily give visitors evaluations and progress reports.

Organization Showcase
Grow your organization by presenting your value proposition in conversations with your visitors.'

Employee Info Chatbot
Chatbots are fantastic internal information-gathering tools to survey your own staff and deliver information based on their responses.

Daily Personal Challenge
Have your audience come back to your chatbot every day to post their daily activity so that you can help them improve their overall personal productivity.

Net Promoter Score Chatbot
Use a Net Promoter Score chatbot to gauge your customer loyalty over a period of time to make sure your business is moving in the right direction.

Event Registration
Showcase your live or online event with great content and capture registrations inside a chatbot.

Trivia Chatbot
Create a trivia game on the subject matter of your business and offer a prize (discount offer, special pricing or free gift) if they get a certain number of questions correct.

Customer Update Chatbot
Update a current customer/client's account with additional profile information writing directly to your CRM with an API call directly from TruCHAT.

Custom Quote Chatbot
Build a custom quote form to capture all the needed information and deliver the quote in real-time based on their needs.

Product Sales W/Payments
Focus the shopper with a chatbot that addresses every feature and functionality of a featured product and capture the entire sale using conversational commerce and chatbots.

Influencer/Celebrity Showcase
Allow fans and followers to engage personally with a celebrity or influencer and delight the audience with interactive content.

One Question Survey
Ask the most pertinent question at the exact right time to get your company critical information to help you make business decisions based on data and not gut feelings.


Loyalty Rewards Chatbot
Sign up new members to your loyalty rewards program and drop those contacts right into your third-party system with the TruCHAT API.

Subscriber Chatbot
Capture a fully qualified lead to add to your email newsletter subscribers and use API to drop the lead right into your Email Service Provider's database.

Submit A Help Ticket Chatbot
Deliver 24-7 customer support help by allowing your customers to submit support tickets through a TruCHAT chatbot making sure they give you all the information required to deliver great service.

Pricing Chatbot
Build a custom pricing chatbot that allows the customer to select all the different services you provide and give them an official quote or invoice for your services.

Account Update Chatbot
Use the TruCHAT API to allow your customers to look up their account information in your systems and verify, update and complete their contact information so that you have better customer data.

Interactive Software Demo
Show off your most powerful features and functionality to draw more interest from your user base or enjoy lots of new sales.

Membership Platform
Entice new members with amazing personalized content and then have them join with an interactive interview-style application.

Self-Rating Chatbot
Offer a self-rating evaluation quiz that captures all the visitor's current ratings on the topics presented and offer up insight or recommendations based on those ratings.


Interactive Training Courses
Use the power of a chatbot to deliver amazing training materials with all the power of the most expensive platforms all available as standard features of a chatbot.

Tips And Tricks Chatbot
Deliver a set of tips related to your business that will help them maximize the use of your products and services.

Replace All Webforms Chatbot
Web forms are dead and should all be replaced on your site with conversational chatbots that lead the visitor through the series of important questions allowing you to go deeper with more qualifying questions on the important areas.



Chatbots can be incorporated into your business to solve issues, expand services, and convert more customers.  With TruCHAT you can use our Ready-To-Go Chatbots that come free with a TruCHAT PRO account or you can build out a custom solution that delivers addresses exactly what your company needs. And with your TruCHAT PRo account, you can build and launch an unlimited number of chatbots all for one low monthly account fee. Schedule a demo/discover call using our calendar chatbot at