With the ever-changing shifts in consumer online behavior, successful businesses must clearly exhibit respect and appreciate people’s time so they can build a positive relationship with each visitor to earn their business.

When a person takes their time to come by your website to check out your offerings, you must try to address their exact concerns or needs. They are not at your website to satisfy your need to collect lead information. Their intent is not to give you their personal information so they can be added to your mailing lists so they then can be bombarded by your email automation campaigns. Imagine this requirement in the offline business world – it would be a chasm that most consumers would not cross to do business with you.

So, if you are blocking or have not included the information that visitors actually are needing to make a buying decision then you are not optimizing the opportunity your marketing efforts create.  by forcing them to give you the typical lead capture information first, you are using a strategy that is dramatically dwindling in its conversion rates while the overall costs of this strategy are increasing.

What you are really doing is encouraging potential valid leads to type in fake contact information into your forms or chatbots just to see if they can get the information they are truly seeking. Then this newly captured lead that your team counts as a positive outcome of your marketing efforts is really NO LEAD AT ALL.  



So, your goal with each visitor should be to deliver a very positive and complete experience that will satisfy their initial intent. If you give them what they need you have earned their trust, then they will be much more likely to give their accurate contact information. And you need to verify all contact information to limit typos and the submission of just fake information.

This is now simple using TruVISIBILITY’s Two-Step Verification component in the TruCHAT chatbot platform.  In our chatbots, we recommend you be honest and upfront with why you are asking for their contact information AND YOU TELL THEM they will have to verify their email and phone.

The Two-Step Verification component in your chatbots will automate the entire process of sending a one-time code that they must retrieve from their email or mobile phone and enter it in the chatbot to verify that the information is valid.  Imagine getting 100% accurate and complete lead contact data from people who are really interested in your products and services – this is a marketer’s dream but one that you can accomplish with the proper implementation of powerful software like TruVISIBILITY.

If you are paying for lead acquisition services or are judging your internal staff by how many leads are getting captured each day, you must demand this type of verification of lead data so that you are getting the number of real leads. So many companies knowingly have very poor quality customer databases and suffer from it in their sales efforts.



Two-step verification is just one of the advanced marketing tactics and tools that are built into the TruVISIBILITY platform.  To be successful in today's online world, you must use the tools that are made to improve your business and one that is also used to overcome some of the bad behavior of consumers.  

We invite you to schedule a demo and discovery call with TruVISIBILITY and let us show you what is possible in today’s ever-changing online business world.  Go to https://truchat.io/calendar to schedule a time that would be convenient for you. Our product experts are always here to help.