Looks like Google is taking an aggressive stand toward Internet safety. The company announced on February 12, 2018 that it would begin punishing websites that are not HTTPS sites, with a note to users that the sites are “not secure” (security.blog.google)

The update comes as part of the Chrome 68 update, which will be released in July 2018. It is noted that Google has been pushing toward a more secure web for years, with announcements that the search engine would offer ranking incentives to sites that are encrypted with HTTPS.

As of July, however, all bets are off. If your site is not HTTPS, here’s what you can expect users who visit to see:

*photo courtesy of security.blog.google

What Does HTTP Site “Not Secure” Notification Mean For Your Brand?

Google has made it apparent that it values, ranks, and shows sites that are secure to searchers optimally over sites that are not secure. With the new Chrome 68 update, that favorability is now tenfold. But what does that mean for website owners?

If you are an SEO, small business owner, blogger, or anyone who operates a website, you’ll need to take note of this update. Failing to do so could mean that your site is flagged as “not secure”, driving traffic away from your site for lack of encryption.

Luckily, however, upgrading to an HTTPS is simpler and more affordable than it ever has been. Websites like Let’s Encrypt offer the service for free, with an option to donate to the cause (brands including Cisco, Facebook, Mozilla and Chrome itself are listed as donors.) It truly doesn’t get easier than that.

If you want advice on how to move your site to HTTPS encrypted security from Google itself, check out this important article: “Securing Your Website With HTTPS”.

What Is The Process Like To Secure My Website?

The process of securing your website with HTTPS can be tedious, depending on the size of your site. For bloggers or for smaller sites with few add-ons and html, it will be a more streamlined process than for larger, more robust sites. No matter the difficulty, when failing to upgrade to HTTPS can influencer your site’s ranking and performance, it will always be worth the work.

Secure your visitor’s data, provide peace of mind, and maintain or even improve your Google ranking with an HTTPS upgrade! As of July 2018, it will be vital to the growth of your business through Chrome’s search engine.

How can I secure my website now?

No worries! At TruVisibility we will fully secure your website for just $99 (SSL certificate fee not included). Our work includes purchasing and installing an SSL certificate and validating all pages of your website to be fully compatible with new security regulations of Google Chrome. Click here to take action and secure your website now.