Announcing TruChat by TruVisibility: The Live Chat and Chatbot System for All Websites

Over the last year, we've been hard at work on great new products. One of the most exciting of these is our new live chat + chatbot system, TruChat. TruChat lets you add live chat and/or chatbot technology to your website. TruChat lets website visitors ask questions and get immediate answers.

Live chat has been shown to produce higher levels of customer satisfaction than the traditional customer support channels of email and phone. Live chat increases online conversions by 20%. Customers are also three-times more likely to buy from a company with live chat support. This is because customers want immediate answers to their questions and get it with live chat. 

Live chat infographic-TruVisibility TruChat

For industry data on live chat, click or tap on the image, opposite, to download our infographic.

TruChat is a powerful, yet affordable live chat solution that also features chatbot technology. So, even if you don't have the staff to live chat with online visitors, the TruChat chatbot can answer their questions with its machine learning engine.

Designed Especially for Small Businesses

TruChat is the live chat solution that's been specifically designed and priced for small businesses. For example, the TruChat chatbot comes configured with chat strategies to maximize lead generation. And, TruChat lets you monitor live chat sessions in real time, set agent work schedules and is fully customizable. Check out its features and pricing here.


We've produced an introductory video that presents a primer on what live chat is, how it works, and its benefits, along with a preview of TruChat. Check it out on YouTube!

TruVisibility will be launching TruChat soon and we're taking pre-orders. You can add TruChat to your website prior to launch by becoming part of our beta test program. Register now to stay updated on TruChat or pre-order and get 6 months FREE!

We'll be writing more about TruChat in up-coming posts and also producing video demos and more. Stay tuned!