Web Analytics is valuable for tracking leads and on site behavior, CRM and customer databases are a wealth of information regarding your customers purchases and value over time. The need to combine these platforms is obvious - by understanding the true value of your customers and connecting that to the powerful attribution technologies available in web analytics it is possible to laser focus your digital marketing and become way more efficient.

Google Analytics 360 has enterprise level tools to connect Google Analytics to SalesForce, but this kind of connection can be created without having to enter multiple enterprise level service agreements if you have a modicum of experience with website analytics, form creation and database administration.

How To Get Started?

Step 1: Get Your Analytics in Order
If you are serious about getting started, then the first thing you will need is a properly configured web analytics installation. Do the research and make sure that your analytics tool is properly configured and that the data you are collecting makes sense. This may require you having to work through problems like:

  • Inconsistent tagging
  • No cross domain tracking
  • Code being placed on administration sections of your website
  • Not filtering out internal organization traffic
  • Not having KPIs established in the platform

Once your web analytics is in place and you feel that the data is being collected correctly then all that is required is to create some custom tracking. A custom dimension needs to be created for each user that visits the site you can call it anything like “client ID”, “web analytics ID” or “user id”. This can be created by placing a cookie on the device that visited the site or collecting a unique user id when the visitor logs into your website and passing that to analytics.
Once everything is in place, then you can begin the next step.

Step 2: Get your Customer Database in Order

Make sure that you are collecting usable data on your users. Customers may be managed differently for companies of different sizes. If you have a couple dozen customers a year that support your business, then you can probably fit everything into an excel sheet. If you have a thriving company with hundreds or thousands of customers then it is critical to get a customer database created. This is a highly technical process but if you are reading this article, then it is likely that you already have some kind of database created already. The only modification you needed to integrate your database with web analytics is to create a new field for your users. This field will match the one you’ve already created in web analytics. Once all of this is complete it will lead to step three.

Step 3: Build a Connection Between Platforms
Now that both platforms are organized and prepared to receive the “user id” dimension all that is necessary is to populate it and send it when a user completes a form. This can be accomplished through the use of hidden fields. Once someone properly completes a validated form that is submitted then the user id will be pushed to the analytics suite and the customer database simultaneously. All that is left now is the final step.

Step 4: Reporting
Now you have data in two platforms, and you have a key with which to join those two separate sources. This can be done manually in excel by using vlookups or the data can be connected in a BI tool like Tableau that allows JOIN and UNION type connections. Once all of the raw data is collected then all that is left is to visualize and report on your users like never before. Understand which paid efforts create the most revenue, see what users become leads but never turn into customer. Calculate lifetime value by marketing effort, the world is your oyster! 

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