Competition is tighter, sales are down, and margins are shrinking. Does this sound familiar? How do marketing leaders get more out of their marketing budgets? In this brief post, I would like to share a summary of Gartner's latest trends for the marketing spedings.

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First, according to Gartner 2016-2017 CMO Spent Survey, marketing budgets are increasing to up to 12% of the company revenue, on average. There is a behavioral difference between small and large companies. While larger companies spend about 13% on marketing, smaller companies spend about 10% of their revenues. 

Second, there is a positive trend towards strengthening of companies' digital assets. The biggest areas of spending, about 9%, are in websites, ecommerce, and digital advertising. Gartner underscores the growing role of video in digital advertising.

Third, explore outsourcing options. How can you acomplish more with less resources? According to Marketing Organizational Design and Strategy Survey 2016, organizations believe that external agencies deliver better results than in-house staff.Leaders spending vs Laggards spendingFourth, according to the research cited in Mark Jeffrey's "Data Driven Marketing", leader companies spend larger share on Branding, building Customer Equity, and developing Infrastructure and Capabilities.

All of the above gives some insights on how to get more out of your marketing budget. I.e. work smarter not harder. Would you like to work smarter, not harder? You may want to contact Truvisibility Marketing Agency.