The 7 Best Landing Pages for Black Friday & Cyber Monday That Should Convert

Learn what makes these landing pages great for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers.

Kate Neuer
November 24, 2021



The 7 Best Landing Pages for Black Friday & Cyber Monday That Should Convert


Table of Contents:

Steps to Prepare Your Brand for Black Friday.

Our 6-Step 2021 Black Friday Marketing Task List.

  1. Establish Clear Goals for Your Promotions
  2. Understand Your Audience Intimately
  3. Create a Compelling Offer
  4. Build a Well-Planned Promotion Plan
  5. Leverage Scarcity and Urgency
  6. Use the Right Tools for the Job

7 High-converting Black Friday Landing Page Designs.

Set Yourself Up to Win This Black Friday!


Steps to Prepare Your Brand for Black Friday Shopping This Year

Each year, Black Friday becomes more popular. The sales event's total eCommerce revenue reached a new record of $9 billion in 2020, an increase of $7.4 billion from the previous year.

For those who hate math, this incredible level of spending amounts to $6.3 Million per minute!

Even with these mind-blowing numbers, Black Friday isn’t only for national retail giants with deep pockets and elaborate advertising schemes.

It's a great time for small businesses to start the holiday season by finding new customers during a season where buying is considered important.

This post will teach you everything (or almost everything) you should know in order to succeed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Let's start with some high-quality landing page examples, which are key to converting the visitors from your Black Friday ads (now being labeled "BFAds" by advertisers).

Before we start reviewing some of the top landing pages, we'll go over a number of marketing ideas to help you make your campaign a success.

So, let's get started!


Our 6-Step 2021 Black Friday Marketing Task List for Businesses


1. Establish Clear Goals for Your Promotions

When planning your Black Friday campaign, the first (and most important) thing to consider is what you are hoping to achieve from it.
If you don't have clear goals, your planning and execution will be haphazard. You risk losing the chance to take real advantage of this once-a year shopping event.

Most businesses' main goal is to increase sales. But, you should consider setting and measuring secondary goals:

  1. Increasing leads
  2. Retaining customers, and
  3. Raising brand awareness.

To determine realistic sales and revenue targets, it is important to consider your marketing budget. You won't be able to attract 10,000 customers if you only have $750 for ad spend.

Depending on your niche and industry, 50-80 customers may be a better goal. This is not meant to be a prediction of your success, but only a caution that you need to be realistic about your expectations.

A smart approach is to review the performance of all previous Black Friday campaigns. Apply your past lessons and observations to this year's promotions to improve your chances of hitting your target.

Our advice is to follow the SMART Goals methodology when setting those targets. Keep them:

  • Simple
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Results-focused, and
  • Time-bound.

More specifically, don't just set this goal: "Increase sales!" Try something like: “sell 250 units of product ABC within 3 days of launching promotion on Wednesday 24th of November.”

The second goal is more detailed, and can help you measure the goal (and the efforts you are taking) at a deeper level.


2. Understand Your Audience Intimately

Planning your Black Friday campaign requires that you identify who you are targeting.

You'll likely already have a good idea of your target market.

It is important to have a clear picture of your ideal customer to be able to create messaging that appeals.

After analyzing the Oh Hot GRAM landing page (shown below), it became clear that getting to the root of customers' problems is a way to make your offer much more compelling.

We strongly recommend you dig deep with your team (ad specialists, sales people, customer service team, etc.) to identify the ambitions, pain points and objections of your customers, and then present your solution as the easy way to solve these problems.

Third-party reviews can help you gain a better understanding of customer motivations. You might also want to check out the reviews of your direct competitors.

Ask your sales team for feedback from customers. These insights should be incorporated into all of your promotional messaging.


3. Create a Compelling Offer

Your Black Friday offer should be the central focus of your Black Friday campaign strategy.

There are thousands of businesses competing to get your customers' attention. You need something unique (and irresistible) to attract the masses.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to follow the example of big retailers and offer unbelievable discounts.

For most small businesses, drastic price reductions simply are not feasible.

Instead, be creative and create an offer that is both attractive to your ideal customers, and lucrative for your bottom line.

Use these ideas to jump-start your creativity:

  • Customers within a certain radius qualify for free shipping
  • Buy something, get something free.
  • Site-wide sales using a universal discount coupon
  • Gift boxes or gift bundles
  • Gift wrapping is available free of charge or with a personal touch
  • No cost trials or reduced price
  • Gift cards available with a minimum purchase

Check out our blog posts about holiday marketing for more ideas on how to create appealing Black Friday deals.


4. Build a Well-Planned Promotion Plan

You will need to decide which channels are best for you to get the word out about Black Friday promotions.

Most likely, you already have one or two marketing channels that are working for you. Whether they are an email list or a Twitter account or a company blog. These assets can play a critical role in your promotion strategy.

Also, you should determine the platforms that your target audience uses most. Then, consider running paid BFAds through those channels.

LinkedIn ads might be your best option if you are a B2B company. Instagram ads may be a better choice if your business is a lifestyle one.

TikTok may be the ideal medium if your audience loves quick bursts of entertaining content.

However, no matter how your audience hears about Black Friday deals on social media, via email, etc., they will need to be directed to a landing page on your site. Don't forget to promote your offers on other pages by using alert bars or pop-ups.


5. Leverage Scarcity and Urgency

You can create a sense of urgency, exclusivity or scarcity around your offer to convince customers to act now. You can see these ideas in action from the examples of landing pages shown below.

This is especially true on Black Friday when deals often expire quickly and stock is limited. This is a great opportunity to emphasize the limited nature of Black Friday deals in your campaign copy.

Your offer should include language such as "while stocks are still available", "only X space left" and "for one day only", so that your audience isn't hesitant to act.

Don't forget to include a countdown timer for extra encouragement.


6. Use the Right Tools for the Job

This tip is a short - but important - bit of guidance. Use the right tools for the right tasks.

More specifically, use marketing software that gets the job done, and doesn't waste your time with features and functions you may never use.

For your Black Friday campaigns, most businesses will need 3 simple tools:

  1. Email software
  2. Landing page builder
  3. Chatbot app.

We strongly recommend using an all-in-one suite that lets the apps "talk" to each other easily. That way you can track your campaign performance easily and without errors or gaps in information. TruVISIBILITY is a powerful suite of marketing apps that fit the bill, whether you're a large or growing business.

Even if you choose another marketing platform, you'll still only need the 3 apps listed above to execute wildly successful Black Friday campaigns.

Now let's get into our review of the best landing pages for Black Friday
we found this year. And, we'll cite several instances of these pages using the conversion concepts we mentioned above.


7 Examples of High-converting Black Friday Landing Page Designs


1. Creative Memories

Creative Memories offers top-of-the-line photo albums and scrapbooks.
The company gave away two bundles worth more than $100 as part of its 2019 Black Friday promotions.



What we love about this landing page:

  • This page explains - in just a few words - what is included in the bundle deal and how customers can claim it. It also explains how to get the deal extended.
  • To entice readers to make a purchase, the copy contains urgency-inducing language like:
    • Exclusive
    • Can't-get-anywhere-else holiday bundles
    • While supplies last
    • Etc.
  • Scrolling down, you'll see a summary of each bundle. Two short videos are also provided that provide more information about the bundles.


2. Handle the Heat

Handle the Heat is run by a respected chef and cookie-queen, Tessa Arias.
She loves sharing her favorite recipes for baked goodies with her audience, and explains the science behind them.
Here is a screenshot of her Black Friday landing page. She's currently offering a discount bundle of her classes and books.



What we love about this landing page:

  • The prominent imagery and high contrast headline copy draw your attention to the offer when you land on the page. Tessa is a master at highlighting the value of her offer and letting us know how much this offer will save you on the regular price.
  • She increases the urgency by telling us it is only available for a short time and that it will not happen again.
  • Scrolling down, you see Tessa's breakdown of the benefits and features included in the bundle. To ensure that visitors are able to purchase quickly and easily, each breakdown is distinguished by a prominent call to action button.


3. Hip 2 Save

Hip 2 Save is a deal-of-the-week type website offering deals, promo codes, and money-saving advice.
The company held a giveaway to give away four Amazon gift cards per hour as part of Black Friday 2020.



What we love about this landing page:

  • The hero image area instantly tells you what the giveaway prizes will be and that the contest is holiday themed.
  • The giveaway description is simple to understand and uses capitalization and color to emphasize the most important information.
  • Visitors can sign up for text-based alerts and follow the company's social media accounts at the bottom of this landing page.


4. Passion for Savings

Passion for Savings is a money-saving website that shares printable coupons, digital-only deals, and tips on saving on purchases.
The business created a cheat sheet with Black Friday deals that they could download as part of their 2020 Black Friday campaign. The goal of this effort was to increase sign-ups to their email list.



What we love about this landing page:


  • The copy is concise and straight to the point. Visitors are immediately aware of what is offered and what they should do to obtain it.
  • The page uses seasonal imagery, and the layout overall is simple, clean and easy to scan quickly.
  • Only the first name and email address are required for this form. This makes it low-risk for visitors to subscribe and ensures that the page is not cluttered.


5. Oh Hot GRAM

Oh Hot GRAM was a course designed by salon owner and hairstylist Jamie Dana. It shows other hairdressers how to use Instagram to grow their businesses.
This Black Friday landing page may be longer than others, but every bit of information helps overcome customer objections. Just as importantly, it helps them build a customer list.





What we love about this landing page:


  • Jamie highlights three main pain points she knows her target audience are experiencing to help her pitch her offer. These problems are highlighted early so readers are eager to find out the solution.
  • This page also features a lot of social proof. Three testimonials by former course participants detail the benefits of Oh Hot GRAM. These positive reviews from real people can convince fence-sitters to get new customers.
  • Jamie gives a thorough rundown of each module in her course. Potential customers are reassured by this information, which lets them know exactly what they are paying.


6. LongTail Pro

LongTail Pro is an SEO tool that allows you to search for keywords.
The company replaced their 2020 Black Friday promotion offer with an "offer expired" landing page.
Does a company this large make mistakes with their landing pages like this?



What we love about this landing page:


  • Visitors will know when the offer is over by replacing the page on the original offer page with an expired one. This accomplishes two things. It reduces confusion and reminds visitors they must act quickly to cash in on future offers.
  • LongTail Pro makes use of the expired offer page to collect more leads by adding a "subscribe Here" button. Visitors don't go home empty-handed.


7. The Winery at Bull Run

The Winery at Bull Run is a Virginia-based business that sells award winning wines and offers wine tasting experiences.
The company offered a special deal for Black Friday, offering a unique deal every hour - on the hour - for eight hours in a row. Pretty inventive.



What we love about this landing page:


  • The monochrome page design keeps the "Black Friday" theme consistent. The page also emphasizes that the promotion is "online only". This helps to increase the exclusivity of it.
  • Customers are reminded that there is only a short time to take advantage of the company's special deals by having a countdown timer prominently displayed.
  • More special offers can be found further down on the page. They are categorized according to the time they are available. This allows visitors to be notified in advance of the availability of different deals and increases anticipation.


Set Yourself Up to Win This Black Friday!

Black Friday is the first major holiday shopping event this year. It gives businesses like yours an opportunity to really make a difference in your Q4 revenues.

We have seen that creating a landing page dedicated to your promotions is a key component of a successful Black Friday campaign. This page should also include persuasive tactics such as sales copy and countdown timers to engage visitors enough to take an action.

It's now time to put the ideas we saw above into action and plan your Black Friday campaign. We know you will generate better results the sooner your start!

Looking for user-friendly tools to launch your campaigns successfully? Get started using TruVISIBILITY today by taking a free trial.

You can quickly edit several chatbots, landing pages, and email templates to reach your goals for this holiday season.

Black Friday is just the beginning of the holiday season. Cyber Monday and Christmas are also on the horizon. Register today for your free account and you'll be set up to win this season!